Pore Minimizer

Learning how to reduce the appearance of large pores, cover it up and prevent acne from growing.

Hey Beautiful people!

I'm hear to talk about those tiny little holes in your face that just don't go away...  Usually visible around your nose area, your forehead and sometimes your chin... Its called PORES!

Pores enlarged when they are filled with dirt and oil and have to be unclogged asap.
 To unclog pores you have to wash your face girl! I wash my face twice daily to avoid oil and dirt from staying inside the pores and causing a bacteria build up which then causes every girls nightmare...acne! ugh

To wash my face I use, Yossi Box PURE liquid black soap This is a deep cleansing face + Body wash that really cleans your face and removes dirt, oil and makeup completely. 

When I wear make up, I like to have my face really smooth, but this damn pores always leaves visible holes around my face, which is frustrating because I need my face to be smooth, especially after applying foundation. 

I've figured out a solution that works best for me.
SO here are the steps... 

1) Remove oil and dirt from pores- I wash my face with Yossi Box "PURE" liquid black soap - Deep cleansing soap. Massage unto my face and rinse off. My face feels so clean afterwards.

2) Loosen up the pores- Use a steamed towel (Soak it in hot water, then squeeze the water out of it.) Put it over your face for 20, 30 seconds to open up the pores.

3) Cleanse - I then use  Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing gel  (Picture below) to cleanse my face. Its very gentle on the face and does its job. 

4) Remove excess dirt with a Toner- I use the Mario Badescu Alpha Grapefruit Toning lotion, this really goes deep in the pores and dissolves left over dirt and oil thats stuck in there. (Picture Below: I just finished my bottle.. restocked now  :)

5) Ice Ice Baby - Once my pores are 100% clean to me, I take Ice cubes, wrap it in a wash cloth and run it over my face for 15 seconds to tighten and close the pores. This really stops oil and dirt from going in side which really reduces your acne outbreak. 

After this, you can put on your night moisturizer and go to bed! but if its day time, you can move on to Step 6.

6) Use a face Primer - I use the Pore-fessional Face Primer from Benefit. The way I use this, is I dab a little on the places where my pores are visible. What this does is it fills up the pores, allowing your face to appear smoother and the holes are less visible. So then, when I apply my make up... It is so smooth and looks so matte! YAASSS GIRLLL!

Like I said, I do this twice a day, (Step 6 - Morning only) and my foundation looks so much better, my face looks much smoother and I feel so much more prettier, No holes in the pores for buildup to settle in, so bye bye ACNE! lol

So beautiful people, Tell me... How do you get rid of large pores? what works for you. Let me know!!

Till then... Peace, love & GLOW! 


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