Multi-Face Masking

Have you ever heard of Multi-masking. Learn about the  art and benefit of multi-masking.

Hey Beautiful... Yes You! 

Have you heard of Multi Masking?

It's the newest, latest trick to glowing skin...girl! 
Basically, all you're doing is targeting different parts of your face with the appropriate face mask it deserveeees! 
Like really?! How didn't we think of this back in the days.

If you follow me on snapchat, you know I looove masking - religiously 2wice a week! I've been doing this for over four months now, and girl amongst other things, my face has reacted way better to this masking technique ... rather than plastering one mask around to places that don't need it! Thank goodness we're smarter and brighter!! Multi Masking is the ShIZNAIZZ! :)

How I  Multi-Mask

Step I- Purifying Mask
Origins Clear improvement active Charcoal Mask 
Area of face: T-zone
Problem I have there: Large pores, oily, 
Active ingredient: Charcoal, Salicylic Acid
What it does: Clears pores that eliminate acne-causing bacteria
Result: Tighten pores, you can barely see the pores after, smoothens the skin.

Step 2-  Brightening Mask
Mario Badescu Whitening Mask
Area of face: Forehead, Cheeks, Chin
Problem I have there: Acne scars, those areas where I break out the most 
Active ingredient:  Kojic Acid ( fights the spots, skin pigmentation)
What it does: Evens skin tone over time, helps lighten discoloration from old acne scars
Result: Skin appears brighter, spots start to minimize over time, leaves skin smooth and tight. 

I let it sit on my face for about 30 min (completely dry and stiff) and then use a steamed face towel to wipe it off. OHH!! what a refreshing feeling! :) ..but wait!

...Because I have really dry skin, I have to then hydrate my face using the 3rd step..

Step 3- Hydrating Mask 
Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask
Area of face: All over, except under eyes
Problem I have there: Overly dry skin 
Active ingredient:  Apricot Kernel oil, Vit A and E 
What it does: Quenches your skins thirst for real! Prevents skin dehydration. 
Result: OMG! I wake up with a refreshed, glowing face! My skin just looks so healthy afterwards.

By this time.. I am over joyed about how great my skin feels and looks... I take a few snapchat videos, change my pillowcase to a clean one... and hey now!! I'm ready for some zzzz's!

Both brands are awesome and have great products that I love and they're super affordable. You can get all the products in links below:

Multi Maskin is a really cool trend that I'll be sticking too. It's efficient and products last longer :)

So Beautiful people,Tell me... Do  you multimask? Let me know what masks you are currently using and Loving! 

Till then... Peace, love & GLOW! 


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  1. I also use both origins mask and feel exactly the same. They're excellent! The charcoal one clears my skin and smoothens it overnight and the drink up one literally softens my skin overnight! Like baby soft! I usually alternate them but can't wait to try them together. Thanks for the great tip.