Smoothies X Skincare

Who doesn't love some cold fruit or green smoothies? I know I do, they are so refreshing! Love love love making them especially when I can almost see results from the fruit, antioxidants, healthy mix after 7 days.


Whats Your Skin type?

I remember years back, if you asked me what my skin type was, I would just stare at you because I had no clue what it was or even how to determine it. As I got older, I started to read more,observe more and understand my skins behavior and realized the importance of knowing what my skin type was. How are you suppose to fix, or improve your skin, if you don't know what type it is? 


Mask Monday - 004

What it is: This is my first time of using this brand and this mask and I must say, the experience was great. Dermask Clearing Solution Ultra-Fine Microfiber Sheet Mask is a silky, hydrating sheet mask, made of soft microfiber that addresses trouble-prone complexions by soothing redness and inflamed skin from acne and preventing pigmentation.


Top Skincare Hygiene

If you are a germ-o-phobe.... you probably practice this hygiene tips already...Good For You!! but if you are like me, girrllll...we need to do better and get our skincare hygiene game StRoNg! Don't get me wrong, I'm sure we all aren't all the way filthy with our skincare hygiene but we just have to do more to do better...germ free, bacteria free.

So these are like what the commandment are to the bible; You need to stick to doing it, if you want to do right for your skin.

Skin Care Hygiene
Must know, must do practices.
Major Key Alert

1) Always wash your hands First! Before you even start washing your face.

2) Always cleanse twice at night to make sure you remove all make up and acne causing bacterias. It leaves your skin felling very clean.

3) Always close the lids to all your products. 

4) Clean your everyday things such as cell phones, hand bags, etc with antibacterial wipes especially if they would have contact with your face. 

5) Separate your face towel from your body towel. Make sure you change your face towel more frequently than body towel. I use a different wash cloth for my face every day. But change my body towel every week. 

6) Change your bedsheets and pillow cases frequently; about once a week is ideal. It prevents you from acne and bac(k)ne.

7) Don't share sponges, washcloths and other skincare tools with others. 

8) Wash your make up brushes, beauty blenders atleast once a week and let it air dry. The best soap to use is baby shampoo. 

9) Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! Skin is always shedding and falling off,  and if you don't exfoliate it will make your skin look dull. You have to remove the dead skin to see the healthy glow! 

10) Be consistent with your routine. If you want to see results you got to be patient and follow your routine religiously.

That was an easy Top 10 right? Yep, lets challenge ourselves and start practicing. I started it and have seen major improvement in my skin (face + Body). I know there are many other practices I might have left out or wasn't thinking of... do you wanna help me out..?

So beautiful people, Let me know what your best practices are in skin care hygiene.

Thanks for reading this post, please like, share, comment and lets start a conversation! See you on the next post. 

Peace, love & GLOW! 



Getting Softer Hands

So... My hands... sigh... 

Regardless of the weather, my hands used to always be DRY! Like dry as in super ashy after a wash and they are just hard from genetics. My dads hands are super hard, and I got that from him...sigh.


Mask Monday - 003

What it is: I have been using this mask for a while now and this mask is the TRUTH! It is a charcoal mask that unclogs and clears pores, making your face look much smoother and softer. You see a very noticeable difference after using it. I always use it with Origins skin optimizing mask primer to set the mask and stop it from cracking. Works amazing. 

Sunscreen That Works

Hey Beautiful! 

Don't laugh at me... but a year ago I recently learned how to use sunscreen properly.
Before I only used it when I would go to the beach, right before I left my house and believed it got me covered all day long... mennn was I wrong!

Skincare in the Air

I love traveling! You know why? 
I love experiencing the must-do’s in every city I visit. I try to live like the locals and do all the cool things that the city is known for.  But what I don’t like about traveling is my skin, which already is dry, is now on another level of dehydrated. My lips get chapped and overall, it’s just very uncomfortable. Also, I don't like when it's a short trip and I decide not to check in any bags. I have to carry everything travel size in 3-ounce containers and make all the liquids fit in one Ziploc bag. Such a skincare junkies nightmare. 

Mask Monday - 002

MASKMario Badescu whitening masK

What it is: This mask is used for brightening uneven skin tone and fading away old acne scars. The brightening agents are made of kojic acid and licorice, with powerful antioxidants like grape extract and skin conditioners like wheat starch.