Skincare in the Air

I love traveling! You know why? 
I love experiencing the must-do’s in every city I visit. I try to live like the locals and do all the cool things that the city is known for.  But what I don’t like about traveling is my skin, which already is dry, is now on another level of dehydrated. My lips get chapped and overall, it’s just very uncomfortable. Also, I don't like when it's a short trip and I decide not to check in any bags. I have to carry everything travel size in 3-ounce containers and make all the liquids fit in one Ziploc bag. Such a skincare junkies nightmare. 

So, I just got back from Los Angeles, where my friend and I decided to go for 4th of July weekend and just have a great Ladies weekend! Very much needed! I didn’t check in any luggage’s because it was a short trip. Saved my $25 check-in fees :)

But since I travel a lot, I had to find solutions. I came up with a routine that has really worked for me and I am so happy to share it.


Before Leaving My House...

I do my deep cleansing skincare routine; cleanse, scrub, tone, serum, moisturize and sunscreen. Since I don't travel with make up on, I throw on a pair of my big sunglasses or a face cap for some shade. 

On the Plane, once I'm all clipped in, comfy and we are up in the air, I constantly check the texture of my skin to see if I need moisturizer and lip balm.

 Moisturizer – To add moisture to my skin because in the air it really dries up my skin. I do this at least 2-3 times on the plane to keep my face hydrated. 
  Lip balm – To condition my lips through out the flight and prevent dry and chapped lips.

30 minutes Before I Land...

 Face wipes - Wiped my face, neck and lips with a cleansing face wipe to remove any oils and dirt.
Use a Toner - Add some to a cotton pad and remove dirt and oil that could have built up during the travel. 
Brightening sheet face mask - Put on my brightening sheet mask for 20 minMassage the left over serum into my face and neck. Then apply lip balm for lip conditioning.

My skin comes out really hydrated, refreshed, soft and healthy looking! 

List of things I packed for short trip:

Makeup remover, cotton pads, cleanser, exfoliator (AHA)/scrub, facetoner, moisturizer, face serum, sunscreen, sheet masks, body lotion, toothbrush and toothpaste and lip balm. 

If I was traveling somewhere for a week or more, I would have to check in my luggage and then take all my essential  products for my routines with me. 

Traveling doesn't have to be a burden on your skin. As long as you pack it in travel sizes, you can definitely take care of your skin up in the air and come out still looking flawless, bright  & GLOWING!

So tell me , how do you treat your skin while you travel? What tips would you like to share?

Till then
Peace, love & GLOW! 


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