My Evening Face Routine - Summer Nights

I am currently obsessed with my night time routine, and this is because the results I see in the morning is just fantastic! I went from switching products constantly to sticking to a routine that has really worked for me. Before I start, I want y'all to know, every couple of months, check your skin type and texture to make sure the products still fits and works for your skin.  

Right now, my night routine for the summer is giving me life!
 I have been getting compliments on how my skin looks great, improved and also, I barely break out. But when I do, I tame it quickly. 

Here is my Summer Night Routine that has really rejuvenated and enhanced my skin texture, making my face GLOW! 

Step 1: Clean off make up with wet wipes

This is a first step to removing all my make up, eye liner, lipstick and base products. I use baby wipes, Huggies. This to me is way better that other cleansing wipes because it can be used on any skin type and it's chemical/alcohol free. I highly recommend it. 

Step 2: 1st Cleanse

The first cleanse is to remove excess makeup, sunscreen, and other impurities on your face. 

Step 3: 2nd Cleanse - exfoliate

This is almost like a second run through. I use an exfoliating cleanser to scrub out all the dead skin and impurities left behind by the 1st cleanser. It's funny to me how much dirt still comes out even after your first cleanse.

Step 4: Illumask

I am yet to do a review on this product but for those who don't know this illumask is an anti-acne tool that uses LED lights: Red light to shrink breakouts and blue lights to fight acne-causing bacteria. I have been using this for the past two weeks and have seen great results. Like I said, review coming soon, so I'll hush now. 

Step 5: Toner

I recently switched to this toner because I heard fantastic things about it. Toner helps to remove and dissolve dirts trapped inside the pores. Also, it helps to return your skins PH balance. You have to pick the right toner because the wrong one can really dry up your skin. But for me, this works great. 

Step 6: Serum 

At bed time, I always use a vitamin C serum. It
gives me a brighter and smoother look.

Step 7: Moisturize

Depending on your skin type, you have to find the best night cream that works for your skin. I really like to use hydrating face creams at night just to give it a kick of moisture overnight.

Step 8: Acne/ bleach treatment if needed 
Since I have been able to get rid of all my acne and erupting pimples, what I do now is try to get rid of the dark marks caused by old acne. I use a color corrector bleaching stick and dab it over all the dark marks I am trying to lighten up. I am currently reviewing this product, so I would let you know, if its worth it or not. If you have acne, this is where you put on your spot acne treatment. Its better to do one or the other and not both at the same time. 

Step 9: Eyes serum and Cream
I really hate dark circles and bags under my eyes, so I started using eye cream and serum with collagen every night to boost and plump up the thin line around the eyes. You have to be careful when applying it, do not rub it in, just dab the cream and serum on it. First I use the eye serum, let it soak in and then apply the eye cream. I am currently sampling this eye cream and serum, if it works great I would review later. 

Step 10: Lip Conditioner
Once I am done, the last thing I do is apply my lip conditioner or balm to heal/hydrate my lips over night. 

So there you have it, I have let the cat out the bag with my 10 steps to a good nighttime skincare routine for your face. The products can differ depending on what your skin type is but the routine always stays the same. 

So tell me what are some of your favorite skincare products you use at night? 
Leave your answer below in the comment box. 

Peace, love & GLOW! 


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  1. That Illumask looks so funny. But if it really does work, I can't wait to read your review.