Winter Feet Hacks: How to eliminate ashy feet this season

It's already fall! I am so excited summer is over, because my body figure never quite made it through to summer 16, so I’m hoping summer 17, I will be slim thuggin! lol.

But besides that the summer was oh so good to my skin, that I am now ready to take on the fall. When I hear fall all I think about is dry skin and how fast my skin gets dehydrated, especially my feet. To be honest, sometimes I forget to lotion my feet and I walk out my house and look down and JESUS! it is as white as snow. Ash-ier than a MF! lol 

Its very important to me that this winter I take care of all my ashy prone areas especially my feet. I have come up with top hacks to having and staying hydrated and having healthy feet this winter. Lets save our FEET cos HAPPY FEET, HAPPY LIFE! (I really just made that

So here are my top tacks to having smoother, healthier skin on your feet

Usually I only scrub my feet when I get a pedicure. But having done a lot of DIY's and used my body scrub on my feet at home, I have started to see major difference in look and texture of my feet. Before you start to scrub, you have to wet and steam your feet by running warm water on your feet. 
Then you start scrubbing. There are a few ways you can scrub your feet; 
What you need: Coconut oil, premium ground coffee, sweet almond oil. 
Body scrub with great exfoliators
My recommendations: Origins Clear Improvement Charcoal Body Scrub $30 or Yossi Box 'Fix It' Body Scrub $15

Massage scrub into your feet. Let it sit for 2 minutes, before using the foot stone, to really remove the cracked and hard skin at the bottom of your foot and the sides. Rinse off with warm water and feel the softness of your feet.


A good foot cream with a nice mini foot massage is all you need. Massage the cream on your feet focusing on potential crack areas and let the oils in the cream sink in. A really good foot cream I love is Aquaphor healing ointment. (I also use on my hands).  It's thick and really sinks in and hydrates my feet the whole day.  It has the perfect ingredients to moisturize and soften your feet which increase elasticity and firmness. 


During the winter, I suggest doing this every night if you can. This is a good long term fix to your feet allowing the skin texture to be softened and ashy free. You can DIY or buy the right body oil.

What you need:  Coconut oil, vitamin E and sweet almond oil 
Get body oil with the right ingredients
My recommendation: Yossi Box 'Adore' Organic Body Oil $20 

Massage it into your feet, making sure you reach in-between the toes, the heel of your feet and the sides. Once its all oiled up, Wear a cotton socks over night, allowing the oils to work its magic. When you wake up, your feet would be soft and hydrated.

You know I love my face masks, so it is only right I tried the foot mask too. Even though I had never used one until now. This foot mask from Sephora $5 is basically like a sheet masks but with pockets/gloves for your foot.  After scrubbing, pop your clean foot into it like a glove for a few min and BAM! your feet feels and looks hydrated. This will be great for when you need a quick fix and hydration before you wear that open toe shoe.  :) 
Thats all folks. My safe haven to hydrated feet this winter!

 Do you have a specific thing you do to keep your feet hydrated? Please share, would love to know.

Till Then... 

Peace, love & GLOW! 


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