Easy DIY face mask for Clearing Acne - Baking Soda & Honey Face Mask

If I tell you it will only cost you less than 50 cents for this very effective, skin clearing face mask, would you believe me?


A box of baking soda cost 86 cents at Target and all you need for a face mask is less than two spoons. HA told ya!

Lets begin!

Hey Beautifulz,

So I have been battling an aggressive breakout for about a week now. I got it from wearing a synthetic wig on vacation and it destroyed my face with pimples. I am breaking out everywhere on my forehead that was in contact with my hair. I am back now and I am on treatment mode.

Here is a picture of the break out, when I got back. My face is not the same :(

This is a picture of my face before;

To get rid of the acne, once a week I needed a strong, yet targeting face mask that would really go deep and fight off the pimples on my face. I decided to go with the Baking Soda face mask. What this mask does, high level,  is it scrubs off excess oil on your face, reduces acne and eases out black heads.

Almost everyone should have a pack of baking Soda in their refrigerator because it helps prevents your fridge from smelling or maybe you bake.. either way it useful to have.

Before we get started with the DIY,  some of you are wondering, what exactly is in baking soda that makes it good for skincare treatment? Well, baking soda has pure Sodium Bicarbonate which is good for curing acne, oil control, prevents skin disease and irritation, and so much more.

For getting rid of acne, this is a great mask to use once a week, to really dig deep, clean and exfoliate your skin to see clearer skin results.



Baking Soda - Lifts Oil and dirt from face, cleans inside of pores.
Honey: Moisturizes your skin, has antibacterial properties.


1½  Tablespoon of Baking soda
1 Tablespoon of Raw Honey
1 Tablespoon of water

Let's do THIS! 

In a clean bowl, mix all three ingredients together until you get a thick milky consistency.
Cleanse your face using warm-hot water to open up your pores (Use a face steamer if you have one).
Then, rub it all over your clean face, especially on the erupted pimples, and let it sit for 5- 10 minutes depending on your skin type.

Sensitive Skin: 3-5 min
Dry Skin: 5-7 min
Others: 10 min

Run a wash cloth under hot water, and use the steamed cloth to wipe off the mask. This will further exfoliate your face.
Once you pat dry, your skin would look thirsty, so make sure you use a hydrating moisturizer afterwards.

Heres a quick #SkinfirstdailyDIY Baking Soda & Honey Face Mask video;


Your face should feel soft, smooth and also very clean. It takes a a few reputations of this mask to see results, but what you do notice from day 1 is the acne reduces in size, some disappear and also you stop breaking out, so no new surprise pimples when you wake up.

Here's what my face looked like after just one use (the next morning)

It's not completely gone, but you can see there are less eruptions and it seems calmer after I used the mask. More updates to come in later posts.

This is a great, fast, easy to do DIY mask and it is very effective. You don't need a name brand baking soda, they usually all contain the same important ingredient.

Hope you learned a thing or two and would try out this mask. But don't forget, if you have never done this before, please test a small amount on your skin first to ensure you have no allergies or reactions to it.

Till next time...
Peace, love & GLOW! 



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