TOP Skincare Products Crossing over to 2017!

I had such a great year with my skin! I learned so much and tried out so many new products, some I loved and some I put in the trash. But I had a few that would be following me to 2017! I fell in love with these products. They do as they say they would and works great on my skin.

SO here is my list, with pictures, of all the products I am carrying over with me to 2017... Time to pack up my bag to cross over!!!!

No 1. 
Mario Badescu Vitamin C Serum. 

This I swear by for instant glow. I use it at night and by the next morning... I am glowing from all angles! love this serum!

No 2.
Mario Badescu Glycolic Foaming Cleanser

If you have dark marks and need it to fade away. This glycolic cleanser is a most have. I actually notice the difference between this and other glycolic cleansers. This one is much stronger and effective. It is a keeper because it allows your dark spots to fade faster than most.

No 3.
At-home Face Steamer

There is nothing better than having a steamer to open up your pores for a deep cleanse. This is much more effective than using a hot towel or even using the traditional bucket filled with hot water and a towel over your head. This is easier to use and makes your deep cleanse experience at home, so much easier. I love my at-home face steamer, because i can use it for my face and also to unclog my nose when I get a cold. Love it!

No 4.
Glow Tonic by Pixi

Now I have tried many toners, and yes there are some good ones out there, but this Pixi Toner is really one for the glow. It hydrates my skin and doesn't feel uncomfortable at all. it is not too dry, and not too oily. I like the way my skin feels after I use it and also it really helps to prevent acne.

No 5.
Sheet Masks

OMG! I love Sheet masks. If I could everyday, I would use one. These are best for hydrating, moisturizing , brightening and just making your skin look plumper and healthier. I love a good sheet mask and the serums that come with it. It really makes a difference in your skin through out the day.

No 6. 
Origins Clear Improvement Pore minimizing mask

If you are trying to get rid of acne, clogged pores or large pores, This is the best face mask to use. I used this to clear my skin and it worked well! This mask really reduces your pore size allowing your skin too look smoother, and fresh. I loved this mask during my skin treatment phase. the result after each use can be seen instantly and feels amazing.

Nos 7.
Ren Skincare Micro Polish Cleanser

So this product right here, I don't think I gave it as much credit as it deserves! Ren Skincare Micro Polish Cleanser is the truth when you are deep cleansing. It goes deep into your skin, exfoliates, and removes all impurities. After using this product you can instantly see the radiance in your skin. My skin gets so bright and so clean! I really love this cleanser.

And there you have it. MY must carry over to 2017 list! All this products are dear to me and I really loved using them. As you can tell I like quick and instant results. Very hard to find products that do that. but I need some motivation after every use, and these products do it for me.

I am excited for the new journey of 2017 and I am sure we would have more reviews, more face masks, more skincare tips, trends and fun facts!

Cheers to the brands that make such awesome products that really work. It is very hard to find product that continue to impress me over an over again. and these products listed above have done that! SO "Raising my Champagne GLASS to You all!" 

What are your favorite skin care products you are bringing into the New Year 2017?


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