Bhakti Body Oil by Butter elixir + GIVEAWAY !

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Discovering new brands is always exciting! but trying their product and it does exceptionally well is even a double BAM! I tried a new Brand called;
So, still on the topic of dry skin as it's still winter and the temperature here in NYC/ NJ has been super cold and dry! I'm always looking for different ways and products to keep my skin moisturized and healthy looking. Most times in the winter especially, I use body oils in my shower /body care routine. That seems to be one of the few things that really locks in the moisture in my skin.

When I first heard about Butter Elixir, I had to do a quick research to see what products they have, background of the founder and what ingredients are in them. Few things that struck me about butter Elixir is that they are a NEW YORK brand! (Hi Neighbor!), the website has good information, their products are 100%natural and the founder seems passionate about skincare and her products. So why not, I decided to give Butter Elixir a try when they reached out. 

In the mail, in about a day or two, (super fast shipping) I received my package with;
- 1 Bhakti Body Hair Oil
- BUTTERelixir Face Oil

About the brand: BUTTERelixir is a New York based high-quality unisex product line, that was created for people in search of pure and simple skin care. They have a product range of oils for body and face and also lips and are made with 100% natural ingredients to maintain its high quality. The have bundle packages that look great for gifts. BUTTERelixir mission is to make you feel good, beautiful and clean.

So, I decided to take the BHAKTI BODY OIL for a spin in the SFD Review world. Test it out for a month and here I am back with a review that is a must read before you purchase!

Ingredients: Virgin Organic Sesame oil, Jasmine, Mysore Sandalwood and Myrrh Pure essential oils. 100% natural.

Description:This BUTTERelixir Bhaktibody oil is a luxe light weight oil that quickly absorbs into your skin and restores its healthy look. It has a rich texture and after using it my skin feels so soft and velvety without being greasy. Like most body oils, it can also be used as a massage oil and bath oil. 

I like to use it right after I get out of the shower, while my skin is still damp. It prevents my skin from drying out quickly or even getting ashy. Because it quickly absorbed, your body doesn't look super oily after applying your lotion over it. This body oil allows your skin to stay hydrated all day making you brighter, radiant, softer and healthy.
My Experience: I decided to try the Bhakti oil out for one month and for most days, I used it twice a day, because I would go to the gym,  shower and reapply the body oil again. This prevents me from waking up white and ashy. I love using natural oils because you can almost feel and see your skin transform. You know you have to feed your skin the healthy stuff! SO everyday, after I shower, I would lightly use a towel to dab my skin, so it doesn't take off all the water, then I would pour some of the  Bhakti oil on my hand and rub it into my whole body neck down to my feet. Remember that using a little goes a long way. It then absorbed quickly into my skin, allowing it to look radiant, like a soft glow. I keep it on for about 3-5 min before I then apply my body lotion all over again. After this process I don't find the need to reapply lotion through out the day. My body stays moisturized all day! The oil is said to be relaxing and calming but I really didn't pick up on that. But what I can say is that, due to it being light weight, natural and helps with maintaining the moisture in our skin, it can be used on all skin types.

The one thing I didn't like about the oil is the scent. This could be because I like flowery scents. I'm not really a big fan of certain scents, and unfortunately that sesame oil smell is one of them, felt too potent. But on a good note, because it quickly absorbed, you can barely smell it on you after a few minutes. It didn't interfere with my body lotions scent, which was good.

Final Thoughts: Overall, it really improved my skins texture over time, making it look very velvety and very soft. Also, it gave me the nice soft glow I like on my body, which was great. I like the fact it was made with 100% natural ingredients made me feel safe. This is surely a good product that I think would work well in any weather. If you want that luxury, soft skin, radiant look, this would be a great body oil choice for you.

Check out Butter Elixir Bhakti Body Oil. $42

Lightweight oil that absorbs well.
Non greasy body oil.
Will work with all skin types.
Does not stain clothes.

Has a strong sesame oil smell.
Pretty Pricey.

Would I repurchase: Yes!


To celebrate the first Product Review for 2017, I am giving away BUTTERelixir Face Oil, (Value $42) to one lucky winner. No purchase is necessary to enter.
I really love the body oil and think you would love the face oil too. If you would like to try it, enter our giveaway below for a chance to win.

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P.S. This giveaway is opened internationally only where not prohibited by law.

Good Luck!

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Winter Body Care: Moisture Boosting Routine


So, we all know how winter really dries up our skin, making it patchy, dry and scaly sometimes. Agh! My skin does not like winter! I have really dry skin and in the winter I can't take 10 steps after I shower without my skin becoming ashy!..... ok I exaggerated a bit, but you get it.

I couldn't let that stop me from looking good and feeling good all winter long. I had to make the effort to taking care of my body as much as I could; keeping my skin well hydrated and healthy.

The main key to healthy skin in the winter is to boost the moisture level your skin receives. I don't mean take a shower and pour water on it? I mean use products that would really penetrate moisture to the skin, saving it from being thirsty.

I know, I usually focus on my face but today its all about the body! Yes, from your neck down, here are the most important things to know and do to ensure your moisture boosting body care routine is on & popping through out the winter:

Exfoliate! - Remove dead skin that usually sits at the top of your skin. Exfoliate with a body scrub with grains such as sugar scrubs, salt scrubs or even coffee scrubs. I like to use sugar in the winter time because it dissolves faster. Rinse your body with luke warm water. Hot water actually dries up your skin faster and can make the dryness worse and then cause skin irritation or infection.

Oil & Moisturizer! - Once you get out the shower, don't towel dry completely, just dab the towel on your skin and then apply organic body oil all over your body. Give it a few minutes to sink into your skin. Good body oils usually sink in quickly allowing the skin to reveal its radiance and also works as a protective layer that seals in the moisture. Once its all dried up, then you can use a body lotion to moisturize. Once you are done lotioning, you will notice a big difference in your skin. It feels softer, looks vibrant and the nice GLOW.... whaaaaaat!

Hydrate! - Lastly, I don't even have to tell you this because I'm sure you have heard this a million times, drink a lot of water. Its's a MUST!

I know I said no face, but i couldn't not help it! 

Lip Care!.... very important... y'all need to use a chapstick/ lip balm on your lips in the winter, even before you apply lipsticks. This prevents your lips from cracking and looking all chapped and messy. Also, it allows the lipstick look smooth and last longer.

And there you have it, the very easy and effective way of getting rid of dry skin, and maintaining your skin moisture level through out winter!

Hope this was helpful! Thanks for reading, hope I didn't miss anything. Anyway if I did, share it in the comment box below. See you in the next post!

Peace, love & GLOW! 



SFD FAVES: Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask

Hi Beautiful,

Here's my 1st Skin first daily #SFDfaves which is basically about product & brands 'I couldn't live without' 'I fell in love with' 'use till the it finishes' and I get great results from using!

To Start up, heres how much I craved and LOVE this purifying, pore minimizing, clearing face mask

Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask

This is a product I have been using for a very long time and I constantly find myself using till the last bits. The reason I like it so much is because I always get good results after each use. Its like clock work and has never failed me.

I try to use it twice a week when I deep cleanse, but when my skin is at its best then I just switch to something else for radiance. My skin always feels at its best whenever I use it. Nearly you can tell I am in love with this product!

Here are the benefits of using the Origins Charcoal Mask;
  • Unclogs pores by drawing oil and dirt from it.
  • Doesn't dry out the skin. 
  • Clears your skin from acne by reducing the size overnight.
  • Minimizes the appearance and size of pores.
  • Deep cleanses your skin.
  • Helps with nourishing and hydrating, if not used too much.
  • Great value for money ($17-$32)
  • Absorbes impurities to balance your skin.
  • Increases elasticity.
After the first application... Your skin feeling clean, renewed and has an instantly refined feeling. So imagine after multiple use! AHHH! This is how much I love it! 

This is by far one of the best face masks I have ever used and I highly recommend it to all! 

Thanks for reading! 
Peace, love & GLOW! 



Synthetic hair Almost Ruined My Skincare Blogger Life!

Hi beautifulz,

Happy New Year! Hope it has been great so far!

So I want to tell you about my horrible experience with synthetic hair (weave) and how I ended up with a major breakout of acne and irritation all over my forehead and anywhere the hair touched on my face. 

Here's my face before the incident:
No pimple in site
I travelled to London on vacation in November and wanted my hair to be straight cos usually z wear body wave or curly hair (human hair usually). So, I decided to purchase a wig from the beauty supply store close to my house. When i tried it on... ohh mennn i was feeeling it! It looked clean, it was soft, looked just like human hair but nope it was a synthetic lace front wig. I figured it would last me two weeks to a month before it gets bad, so ill rock it in london on vacation. Fresh frace, glowing skin, new hair... i was all set for my trip! 

feeling myself
Fast forward to London... Mennn was I looking good! (If i do say so myself lol) I rocked it, loved it and got a few whistles and hollas from the London boys! Ohh yea!  A few days into rocking this wig; daytime, nighttime, everytime.... i realized my forehead on the sides started itching. Then all of a sudden i start breaking out. 


 was wondering if it was my my diet or if it was the pillowcase, because it was like an over night development. Before my one week vaca was up, my forehead was an acne battle field. So many eruptions and it was mainly because on the two sides of my forhead. It was painful, itchy and just uncomfortable. I didn't bring my acne relief drying lotion on vacation because my face was super glowing when i left nyc. I just had more hydrating and brightening products. So the whole time im using make up to cover it and started counting down the day to home. It got worse. At this time I didn't even think it could be the hair.

Fast forward to NYC...  A week later, I was home but by this time, it had spread, started turning dark like reaaaaly dark. I was soooo sad. It wasnt like just acne ,  it looked like i was reacting to something. It was a mixture of rashes and pimp. Omg! Imagine a skincare addict with bad skin... or even a skincare blogger with bad skin? *I started crying!!

Someone PLS call Olivia Pope to fix this! 

I knew I had to sort out my face quickly before it gets any worse. 

Out of nervousness, I'm googling quick fixes, buying new products, throwing everything and anything on my face. But nothing seemed to be working! 

So instead of giving up. I decided to stop and take a few deep breathes. And said to myself "Lets get to the bottom of this, first find out why I was breaking out." I then realized that after I ditched the hair, when I got back to NYC, It stopped dramatically, I mean I would still have irruptions here and there, but it wasn't as much as before and the itching stopped. Once I figured that out I'm like..."well you know the secret to clearing your skin, you know the steps required. This isn't going to go overnight, so stop panicking and start doing."

Do your best and leave the rest to God! 

So I went to get a extraction Facial, to start from the basics, unclog all the pores that were filled and just start with a clean face.  I then started my 30 day challenge to clearer skin. Instead of the lightening treatment, I was using acne-control treatment and by the 7th day, all the acne had gone, all thats left was the scaring and the really dark marks. 

I am still doing the challenge and will give an update in the coming month, but my face is starting to look much better. No bumps just the dark marks. I plan to start using the lightening treatment, exfoliate and do frequent deep cleansing to get rid of the dark marks. 

The lesson i learned from all this is... First, Don't panic! Get on a routine you feel will give you good results and stick to it. Also don't feel defeated by the mishap but challenge yourself. Also patience,  patience, patience - It takes time but the hard work and dedication would blossom at the end. And last but not the least.... Never wear synthetic hair again! :( 

Heres the before and after;  

Before synthetic hair as of Oct 31, 2017
After synthetic hair as of Jan , 2017
There has definitely been a great improvement in my skin in the past month and I look forward to seeing more progress in the next coming weeks/ months. 

By the way, Now that I am calmer, I am looking at all this from a positive angle; a new challenge for more content on the blog! Rght?! More acne solutions to try, more content for the blog. I have good blogs and articles for you planned for 2017 and some awesome collaborations & giveaways. Subscribe now (Enter your email at the top: where it says subscribe!) so you don't miss any of it.

So I was wondering, if its just me or if it happens to others. Have you ever broken out or had a reaction from wearing synthetic wigs? 

Let me know in the comment box below.

Till Next time...
Peace, love & GLOW!