Winter Body Care: Moisture Boosting Routine


So, we all know how winter really dries up our skin, making it patchy, dry and scaly sometimes. Agh! My skin does not like winter! I have really dry skin and in the winter I can't take 10 steps after I shower without my skin becoming ashy!..... ok I exaggerated a bit, but you get it.

I couldn't let that stop me from looking good and feeling good all winter long. I had to make the effort to taking care of my body as much as I could; keeping my skin well hydrated and healthy.

The main key to healthy skin in the winter is to boost the moisture level your skin receives. I don't mean take a shower and pour water on it? I mean use products that would really penetrate moisture to the skin, saving it from being thirsty.

I know, I usually focus on my face but today its all about the body! Yes, from your neck down, here are the most important things to know and do to ensure your moisture boosting body care routine is on & popping through out the winter:

Exfoliate! - Remove dead skin that usually sits at the top of your skin. Exfoliate with a body scrub with grains such as sugar scrubs, salt scrubs or even coffee scrubs. I like to use sugar in the winter time because it dissolves faster. Rinse your body with luke warm water. Hot water actually dries up your skin faster and can make the dryness worse and then cause skin irritation or infection.

Oil & Moisturizer! - Once you get out the shower, don't towel dry completely, just dab the towel on your skin and then apply organic body oil all over your body. Give it a few minutes to sink into your skin. Good body oils usually sink in quickly allowing the skin to reveal its radiance and also works as a protective layer that seals in the moisture. Once its all dried up, then you can use a body lotion to moisturize. Once you are done lotioning, you will notice a big difference in your skin. It feels softer, looks vibrant and the nice GLOW.... whaaaaaat!

Hydrate! - Lastly, I don't even have to tell you this because I'm sure you have heard this a million times, drink a lot of water. Its's a MUST!

I know I said no face, but i couldn't not help it! 

Lip Care!.... very important... y'all need to use a chapstick/ lip balm on your lips in the winter, even before you apply lipsticks. This prevents your lips from cracking and looking all chapped and messy. Also, it allows the lipstick look smooth and last longer.

And there you have it, the very easy and effective way of getting rid of dry skin, and maintaining your skin moisture level through out winter!

Hope this was helpful! Thanks for reading, hope I didn't miss anything. Anyway if I did, share it in the comment box below. See you in the next post!

Peace, love & GLOW! 


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