Wellness: Be the Voice that Rules your Mind

For God gave us not a spirit of fearfulness;
 but of power and love and discipline. 
(2 Timothy 1:7)

Affirmation is a powerful tool used to help change your mood, state of mind and manifest the change you desire in your life. I was able to add positivity into my life by learning the power of positive affirmations.

Last year, I realized that fear was a big factor that was limiting me from moving forward in some areas in my life. Like most, I have a big fear of failure, which always pushes me to look for perfection in everything I do. Perfection sounds good, but the way it affected me is I started looking for perfection in what I desired, and then gave up because I over criticized myself and doubted myself.

I had a really rough ending to last year, had to make some life decisions that impacted me emotionally and mentally. I was at a crossroads, but instead of sitting and moping about it, I decided to challenge myself; to working on understanding these issues, these patterns in my life. I jotted down all the things that were bothering me, all the things that made me feel good, and all the things that made me feel bad. I included my desires and wrote down all the thoughts that limit me from achieving them. At first I thought I was depressed, but nope it wasn’t depression, it was anxiety. Anxiety was messing with my mind. Fear brings anxiety. WHAT IF! That’s anxiety. When you want to do something and then you start doubting, and overly criticizing yourself. So with everything, I realized fear was the M* F* Factor.

I went to see a therapist about it; which I must say was sooooo refreshing! It was my first time. I needed help to reverse fear, and after our one-hour session, I had some great insight on fear and how to beat it out of me.

The best way to overcome fear is by changing our mindset to overpower fear. So where I have fear, I use a positive affirmation to offset it. The first step was admitting I have fear that’s limiting me. Second step was consciously reminding myself not to be too hard on myself. Nothing has to be perfect. As long as I do my best, my best is good enough. And then lastly, words of affirmation - I tell myself each morning, every time fear builds up, and at night before bed. 
How it works

- Write out the positive affirmations of your self-judgment. Make sure to use a positive tone. For example say, “I will succeed” rather than “I will not fail”. Post it on your mirror or where you know you can see it every morning.

-  Say the affirmation out loud with one hand on your heart. Look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself, own it and believe it as you say it.

- Make sure to do this in the morning, at night and every time fear tries to sneak up in your mind. When you are done take a few seconds to picture your life in a positive light.

This is a form of mindfulness meditation. It is the power of accepting first what is and then to transmute towards what is possible. Anything is possible, if you put your mind to it! Always remember the power lies within you, because YOU decide what will define YOU.

This works for me and has really brightened up my life in many areas. Its only been a few months in 2017 and I have accomplished a lot just from keeping my head up and staying positive.  Try it! and I hope it will help you improve your life.

Stay Positive always!



  1. Self affirmation surely gives a positive mind set;-
    Love yourself, Live your life.

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  4. Wellness comes while you start to believe this thing in you mind and implement it on the body. I must say, it's all in the mind what we think we actually observe that. So thing positive and always live a healthy life.