I am so over matte lips, Going back to GLOSSY!

Hi Beautifulz,

I remember when matte lips became the cool thing to wear on your lips. I think I bought every color of matte lipstick MAC Cosmetics had. But really, it was a lot of work to keep my lips looking nice and matte like youtube divas. I guess they showed you how to put it on but they didn't mension the hard work you have to put in to keep it looking nice for the whole day.

I have many reasons why I'm so over matte lipstick. I mean, must a sister do so much work just to get her lips popping all the time !

- It is way too dry and cracks my lips 99.9% of the time
- To re-apply I have to scrub my lips with a lip scrub, wipe or rinse it off and then start applying from again. Basically you need a bathroom with a mirror, water, paper towel, lip liner, lipstick..... SIGH!
- If I reapply without the above, it starts to look cake and crusty...yuck!
- It makes the lines in your lips more visible.

Do you see where I'm coming from??!!!
I tried all different types of ways to keep it sane, but now I'm over it. Dont get me wrong, the matte lip is sexy, expecially when I wear red or a nice dark brown. But im over the complications. If I cant leave my house and have my lipstick last all night, then I have to go back to what did. LIP GLOSS!

MY Lip Gloss is poppping!!! My lipcloss is cooool!!!


So this summer 2017, I'm moving away from matte lips and going back to the shining diva. Lip gloss is just very appealing to me right now. I love the fact that you you can swipe more over what you have and i dont have to deal with caky lips! Also it doesnt leave my lips dry and i can easily wipe it off. And if your worried about residue that hangs at the bottom of your lips. It just means your using too much. So reduce the quantity of the lip gloss. One lip gloss I am going to use a lot is the Mac lip glass! Now 'what u know bout dat!' That really carries its name and gives your lips the ultimate shine.

Im also really into nude lips and not really into bright colors more neutral colors. So this summer I plan to wear more glass gloss and less color! It also gives that clean face look! Soo yessss! That's the new trend for my lips this summer!

Here are my favorite color Lip glosses from NARS, I will be rocking this summer;

Are you sticking to matte lips or joining the wave of Lipgloss for Summer 17? Let me know in the comment box below!

Have a fab day and check out how to get softer lips.

Peace, love & GLOW! 



  1. I liked these shades. would like to include in my makeup kit. I generally wore the lipstick shades that perfectly match my skin color. So, in order to have a perfect match I prefer for the nude shades. But this is something new that I can try out.

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