My Fitness in a Week

My fitness goals is getting a strong physique, a little lean but thick in the right places. My fitness journey started after I gained over 40 pounds... I call it that "love pounds", when you fall in love and all of a sudden you start putting on so much weight. That has happened to me in my past two relationships, but I plan to put an end to it. Once I started feeling uncomfortable in my body, because I was at a weight I had never been before and started refraining from wearing certain cloth items that I loved wearing, thats when I knew it was time hit the gym. 

Losing weight came quickly for me because I managed what I ate, exercised twice daily (only cardio...I ran on that treadmill and shed a lot) and used supplements. I was able to lose 30 pounds in 3 month, but I needed to get toned, get some definition, also I needed to work on my ab... need that 6 pass for summer time... nah mean! 

Since I started working out with weights, my body has starting to change and improve. I am months away from the big 30 and need to develop a great lifestyle, eat right and workout often, so I can feel more comfortable naked, be healthy and super toned and ripped. :) 

Because I get bored easily. I decided to challenge myself weekly with fitness goals; So far it has worked. Sometimes life, church or laziness gets in the way, but I try to make it a priority to work out every week. For my weekly fitness, I always do 3 reps of 20/10/5. I do the hardest number first and make the ending of the workout easier, so I don't give up quickly. Here;s my fitness in a week; 

My rest day.
This is because it's the beginning of a new week. I like to get work in order, write my blogs, do a facial mask and just take the time to relax because Mondays can be overwhelming. 
I stay more mindful of calories intake since I am not going to burn any.


Some people say I have thunder thighs, so on this day, I focus on trimming and strengthening my legs and also shaping my butt. 
30 min Cardio Using Aaptiv app
Barbell Squats with weights
Split Squat with weights(alternate legs)
Crossover Leg Tap(alternate legs)
Butt Raises using fitness ball
Leg raises using fitness ball (alternate legs)

Rest Day - Light Stretches (Facial Day)
I stay more mindful of calories intake since I am not going to burn any.

30 min Cardio Using Aaptiv app
Side to side waist twist with weights
Crunches with legs lifted
Plank Jack tap shoulders
Sit up with weight balls
Cross over crunches

Rest Day - Yoga + Stretches
Stay more mindful of calories intake

Saturday + Sunday 
HITT Drills
30 min Cardio Using Aaptiv app
Jump Squats 
Side Plank Leg Lift
Jump Junges
Flutter kicks 

Do you find it easy or hard to lose weight?
Let me know in the comment box below


Why you shouldn't share certain skincare products

I've always been conscious about sharing certain makeup and skincare products the I apply directly on my skin. So like my face cleansing brush, lipsticks, lip balms and so on. The reason is because I just rather will be safe than sorry and there are some viruses that can be passed on from body fluids or just skin contact. A few people i have come across that have cold sores, always said they got it from a friend who used her chapstick, or some similar story. about 50% - 80% of adults have cold sores, thats a high number. So since then I have just been super conscious of sharing mine. I really wanted to understand it, and see how contagious it is, or if it really is truly passed on that easily. So i did some research and stumbled across an article by Dr Bailey Skincare and thought it was really insightful and thought to share some key learnings and see if its a myth or Fact.

What exactly is herpes/cold sore? 

The herpes virus that causes cold sores is a germ you can potentially ‘catch’ when you share personal items such as makeup. Herpes infection is common. 50-80% of adults in the US are infected with the oral herpes virus. Whether they have an active cold sore or not, the virus resides in their facial tissues and can be shed and spread.

Can it easily spread? 

The herpes virus is most effectively spread from direct person to person contact with infected skin, such as by kissing. Saliva or oral secretions from an infected person can spread the virus too, even on shared beverages or “utensils”. That term “utensils” typically refers to forks and implements used for eating, but any implement placed on the mouth where salivary droplets reside and virus is shed has the potential to transmit herpes.

How contagious is it? 

You have to put this in perspective, however, the herpes virus is a fragile virus because expert microbiology sources site its ability to survive off the human body as “brief.” The plot thickens though because expert sources also note that the herpes virus can survive on the body “slightly longer” when present in a warm and moist environment. It also survives better on surfaces such as plastic as opposed to metal. Other sources report the ability of herpes simplex to survive longer off the body and the herpes simplex virus can remain active for up to a day in distilled water and 4 hours in tap water. All this is to say that passing the troublesome herpes virus around it is NOT as difficult as we would like. It’s hard to know your risk when you are sharing items that touch skin and lips.

What is really important to know is that once infected, herpes virus is shed from skin, even in the absence of a visible cold sore. Most people who have a history of a herpes cold sore on their facial skin harbor the virus around the mouth or nose, making lip products the most likely makeup for transferring herpes. The virus can be present anywhere on the face however. Another reason not to share any other makeup as well.

What is the Realistic Risk in sharing chapsticks, lipsticks, etc? 

It’s probably low given the fragile nature of the virus, BUT, it’s possible. There is no study to give us a statistic for this specific risk. Since preserving virus activity requires moisture, actively exchanging lipstick or cosmetic brushes would be the biggest risk; theoretically droplets of infected saliva or sweat could pass the virus to a non-infected person. We also know that active herpes simplex virus has been found on the hands of people with active infection. This is one of the main modes by which people spread herpes cold sores to other parts of their own skin. Basically, living in a microbial world is – em, well, interesting and brave.
Best Practices to Prevent It or Just not Spreading It
Special care needs to be taken to ensure one does not contract viruses and contagious things when going about daily life. 

  • Keeping our cosmetics and cosmetic brushes to ourselves the way we keep our toothbrushes to ourselves.
  • Maintaining good makeup and brush hygiene:
    • Keep your brushes clean. When they start to wear out, replace them.
    • Don’t set brushes or makeup applicators down on soiled surfaces. I recommend using a clean facial tissue or wash cloth as a “placemat” to place your brushes when applying your makeup.
    • Wash and dry your brushes regularily.
  • Wash your hands before applying makeup, especially to your eyes.
  • At makeup counters, or when having makeup applied by professionals, scrutinize things first to ensure care is taken to not cross contaminate people or product:
    • Be certain that single use applicators are used to apply makeup to people’s skin.
    • Watch for ‘double dipping’ meaning placing an applicator that has touched skin back into a product.

Click HERE to see the full article.


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Skin First Daily

I have been finding it so hard to motivate myself to get back in the gym. You know that feeling after you get to your desired weight, and now you think you all slim and sext, then your body starts procrastinating every time you think of workout/gym. That was soon me a few weeks ago. But now after vacation and feeling like I have put on 100 pounds (really it’s probably like five pounds) I had to motivate myself and get myself to keep up the momentum. I might be slimmer, but I need to tone up and sculpt and build a lifestyle from working out.  So, here are six best ways to motivate yourself to workout; get up and get sext at the gym;

Get new workout clothes.
The same way a nice outfit makes me feel hot and sexy when I go out, it’s the same effect new gym wear has on me. When I wear the snug gym pants and sport bras, I feel so fit, and if I don’t look fit then I am more motivated to go and look fit. My goal is to wear a sports bra and gym pants to go running outdoor, so I can stare at my abs as they form! Yes!

Take your workout outside.
Sometimes, you just need a change of scenery. To break out of the indoor workout, go running outside, go hiking, go biking or even take your yoga outdoor. It’s a nice breath of fresh air and it gives us that break from constantly staring at a treadmill or even people watching.  The weather is getting nice now in NYC/ NJ. This is the perfect time to go outside and soak up some good vitamin D and get some fresh air. (Just don’t forget to use sunscreen).

Download a personal trainer app.
So if you are like me that needs someone to push you at the gym, then you definatly need a personal trainer. But on the real, this personal trainer market is crazy because they are way too expensive. Like who really pays 800 dollars a month, that’s insane. Anyway after using all my local gyms free one day personal trainer passes, I decided to move to the app store to see if I could find a better alternative to working out. Then I stumbled upon this app called Aaptiv. This app is the BOMB. For the 7 day free trial, I was sold! They have some personal trainers record their workout sessions and when you start it, you feel like you have a real personal trainer next to you. The music is pumping, the instructions are clear and they almost push you as hard as a real personal trainer will do. You can even schedule classes, from abs, to treadmills, to running outdoor, etc, trust me when I say, with this app, you don’t need a real personal gym instructor, you feel the heat and the motivation from the app. The app cost $9.99 a month but it's a really dope app. Imagine the price difference as well. I was sold on the app and I love it!

Find a workout buddy or start a workout group.
If your problem is that you are too lazy to push yourself to get up, then you should get a workout buddy. So in the evenings, I tell myself I'm going to go to the gym once I rest up for an hour. When the hour comes, I’m like tomorrow I'll work out. I get so lazy and can’t even be bothered to get up from my bed. So you see this is where you need a buddy to get you out of your lazy self and push you to working out, and vice versa of cos. Sharing workout goals and tracking progress together, really helps motivate and inspire you. Start a group with friends who are determined to lose weight, share workouts and share weekly progress. You never know whose stats will encourage you and whom you will encourage.

Take before and after pictures.
There is nothng better than tracking your progress when you start working out. Take before and after pictures. Focus on key areas you are trying to improve, set a time line, workout routine, and every week, take a pic of the progress. After 30 days post the pictures and see how hard work pays of! #winning

Put yourself up for a challenge.
No one wants to be a loser, right? Exactly. Challenge yourself to a 30-day challenge focusing on particular goals. For example, you can do an abs challenge or a cardio challenge. And really go in on the to do work out plan. This is a great way to stay on track and stay motivated, because you know what you want to achieve and will make sure you get it done. You aren’t a quitter or a loser! I always challenge myself and it really helps.
How do you motivate yourself to workout?
Leave your answer in the comment box below