My Fitness in a Week

My fitness goals is getting a strong physique, a little lean but thick in the right places. My fitness journey started after I gained over 40 pounds... I call it that "love pounds", when you fall in love and all of a sudden you start putting on so much weight. That has happened to me in my past two relationships, but I plan to put an end to it. Once I started feeling uncomfortable in my body, because I was at a weight I had never been before and started refraining from wearing certain cloth items that I loved wearing, thats when I knew it was time hit the gym. 

Losing weight came quickly for me because I managed what I ate, exercised twice daily (only cardio...I ran on that treadmill and shed a lot) and used supplements. I was able to lose 30 pounds in 3 month, but I needed to get toned, get some definition, also I needed to work on my ab... need that 6 pass for summer time... nah mean! 

Since I started working out with weights, my body has starting to change and improve. I am months away from the big 30 and need to develop a great lifestyle, eat right and workout often, so I can feel more comfortable naked, be healthy and super toned and ripped. :) 

Because I get bored easily. I decided to challenge myself weekly with fitness goals; So far it has worked. Sometimes life, church or laziness gets in the way, but I try to make it a priority to work out every week. For my weekly fitness, I always do 3 reps of 20/10/5. I do the hardest number first and make the ending of the workout easier, so I don't give up quickly. Here;s my fitness in a week; 

My rest day.
This is because it's the beginning of a new week. I like to get work in order, write my blogs, do a facial mask and just take the time to relax because Mondays can be overwhelming. 
I stay more mindful of calories intake since I am not going to burn any.


Some people say I have thunder thighs, so on this day, I focus on trimming and strengthening my legs and also shaping my butt. 
30 min Cardio Using Aaptiv app
Barbell Squats with weights
Split Squat with weights(alternate legs)
Crossover Leg Tap(alternate legs)
Butt Raises using fitness ball
Leg raises using fitness ball (alternate legs)

Rest Day - Light Stretches (Facial Day)
I stay more mindful of calories intake since I am not going to burn any.

30 min Cardio Using Aaptiv app
Side to side waist twist with weights
Crunches with legs lifted
Plank Jack tap shoulders
Sit up with weight balls
Cross over crunches

Rest Day - Yoga + Stretches
Stay more mindful of calories intake

Saturday + Sunday 
HITT Drills
30 min Cardio Using Aaptiv app
Jump Squats 
Side Plank Leg Lift
Jump Junges
Flutter kicks 

Do you find it easy or hard to lose weight?
Let me know in the comment box below



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