Shining Through with Queen Helene's Cocoa Butter | SFD Review

My skin is like a moisture sucker. When i use lotion, it absorbs it so fast that after a few hours I need to reapply or else I start looking ashy AF. Having really dry skin can be frustrating at times, it's hard to find body lotions that can moisturize / hydrate your skin for the whole day. So I started using creams instead; they are thicker.

With that said, let me introduce you to this body cream, I have been using and it actually hydrates my skin for the whole day. YES! it works well... 
It's called:

Before & After 

Earlier this year I visited my friend in San Francisco, and her skin just looked super healthy and hydrated, I had to ask her for her secret and she says;
"I have been using this cocoa butter creme and it just makes my skin glow." 
I was intrigued and said;
"well im here for about 5 days, I will try it out and see if I see a glow or difference in my skin." 
To my amazement.... by day two I saw a difference; 
1 - I didn't have to reapply it. My skin was moisturized the whole day...and it rained, but stayed moisturized.  
2 - my skin had a nice hue... a cool glow to it. it looked healthy even in pictures. 
She saw how much I loved it and got me one to take home! How nice of her right... love you JUJU 💋

Firstly, it's thick but it melts when the heat between your palms rub it together. A little goes a long way, so gently massage it into your skin as you rub it in. The smell has that cocoa butter smell but it isn't as strong as the palmers brand and it fades after a while. I am particularly fond of the dewy glow it gives my skin after I rub it in.

Although it says face and body, I will never use it on my face... I repeat NEVER! I cannot imagine putting that thickness on my face! It will definitely clog my pores and cause a breakout episode, so I'm good, I'll skip on that. Also, I have only been using it in the cold months, I feel it will be too thick for the summer. Might make me sweat more and that can be uncomfortable. In the summer, I stick to lighter moisturizers and more sunscreen.

After a few months of using the cocoa butter cream by Queen Helene, it's safe to say that my skin is softer, smoother, & it penetrates deep into hydrate cracked dry skin. I didn't notice much difference in strechmarks, but I also didn't get any new ones, so maybe it helped to prevent it. Again most products like this have to be used for years to see results of faded stretch marks. It also helped my feet; it moisturized the cracks and lines in my heels, ohh and the best part it is very inexpensive. my friend got it for $6.99 SAY WATTTT!! Yep you read it right, very inexpensive. If you have sensitive skin, I would advise you not to use it because it contains alcohol that might irritate the skin.
Amazon is $8.99 but in store is $6.99
Is it worth the buy? Totally! It works promptly, you get instant gratification and the price is great for my pocket! Definitely worth the try if you have dry skin or cracked skin and are looking for instant relief. I highly recommend that you give Queen Helene's Cocoa Butter a try. I think you’ll love it.


  1. Nice product.Your skin deserves immense care and you must pay attention to every detail as your skin is so prominent and needs to be looking best in order to ensure your beauty. Surely gonna try this thanks for sharing.

  2. Cocoa butter is found in many skin care products and it has many advantage over our skin. Rich in natural anti-oxidants cocoa butter helps in preventing dry skin and also heals chapped lips

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  3. Cocoa butter is a wonderful, natural moisturizer that melts just above room temperature. It is high in fatty acids which penetrates the skin for deep hydration.

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