The Best Way to Pop a Pimple without Scarring it

Unfortunately popping a pimple is a bad habit we all have. I mean imagine having an unwanted thing on your face. Without even thinking about it, your finger is just drawn to it, ready to pick and flick it out off your face. But that habit has to be controlled, especially when it can cause serious damage to your face. 

The best time to pop a pimple is when it has a white head, when all the puss in it has risen to the surface. if it's a cyst or cyst like bump, just give it time to erupt. Do not squeeze it... instead just walk away from the mirror and keep your hands and mind busy so it doesn't go to your face and you can distract yourself from thinking about it.   

Squeezing and touching it can infect and inflame the tissue around the skin causing you to have a swollen, red bump that bleeds and then forms a scab over it, which makes it harder to cover it up. After a few days, you notice it has turned into a scar that then that takes months or even years to get rid of the scar marks. And we all know how hard it is to get rid of those black spots. I mean It's a constant battle getting rid of hyper pigmentation. 

The best and correct way to pop a pimple so that you get no scars, no infection and you don't even need a dermatologist for it is by following the steps below; 

Step One - Run Hot water on a clean wash cloth. 

Step Two - Wring out the excess water in the wash cloth so it stops dripping. 

Step Three - Place the wash cloth on the whitehead. While this opens up your pores, it brings all the puss to the surface. Keep the cloth on it until the washcloth cools off. 

Step Four - Gently slide the wash cloth sideways, towards your ears. you should notice the whitehead sliding off with the wash cloth.

Step Five (if necessary) - If it didn't bring the white puss to the top, repeat the steps again. (Make sure its a white head before you try to pop it).

Step Six - Once you remove the whitehead, rinse your face with cold water to close your pores and pat dry with a clean dry wash cloth. 

Step Seven - Apply an antibacterial cream such as benzoylperoxide cream, tee tree oil or any blemish treatment you like, and let the pimple dry out completely. 

And VOILA, You successfully popped your pimple without a scar, blood, or anything that will damage your skin. Very easy steps that work well if you get it right. 

Thanks for coming to my skincare blog. Leave in the comment box below, your favorite Blemish Topical Cream to get rid of acne.


  1. I have never tried for pimple popping as it hurts me a lot and also my skin got rashes after this. I think my pimples got doubled after going for this treatment.

    melissa@dermology hair remover

  2. Very informative post. You might me shocked but it's a trurth that toothpaste can also be used to treat acne and pimples. It is one of the most effectuve remedy while using the ice. Apply the tooth paste on the affected area and go to bed. In the morning wash your face with cold water. You will definitely see a difference in the effected area.

    1. I've tried the tooth paste acne treatment before, unfortunately I burnt my face. I think it was too sensitive for it. what i do now is use benzoyl peroxide 10% on it and leave it over night, it reduces the acne size by the morning.

  3. The first thing you want to do in order to treat your acne properly in order to cure it is start with your diet. You need to be eating both fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. acne scars