SFD in the Media: A Journey to Glowing Skin

Woohooo! We got featured on White Room Market! Enjoy the Interview below.

About our guest: Moyosola Onileere is the founder and editor of skinfirstdaily.com, a company focused on improving skincare and finding the right products to bring out flawless glowing skin. She is a digital marketer and works at a digital advertising solutions company. This skincare enthusiast has a very positive outlook on life, and hopes to share that with her skincare community as well. 

"It started as a diary for all the skincare products I use"

[MK] Can you tell me about your blog and how you started it? 
[MO] Skin First Daily was created in May 2016 by a glowing skin enthusiast. It started as a diary for all the products I use and to keep track of what worked and what didn't work. As time passed, I noticed how much I was learning about products and key ingredients, and understanding the science behind it. Hence decided to expand Skin First Daily to house product reviews, skincare trends, and top skincare routines to help people make better decisions when looking for treatments or products. So far it has been an amazing journey. I went from a face filled with acne and hyperpigmentation, to glowing skin.

[MK] What are the two features about your blog that make it a unique mix and put it above other blogs on the market?
[MO] First, Skin First Daily is a very niche website resource for skincare. We are all about getting that desired beauty in real life, no makeup, no filter. Our goal is ..... Check out the full interview on White Room Market, Here.
Thanks to the folks at White Room Market for the feature!




Skincare Empties I’ve used up! - Would I Repurchase?

So the concept of this empties post is basically to show a list of products I've used up, my thoughts on it after and to say which ones I will be repurchasing asap or not. So without typing too much back-story, here are my recent Empties for August 2017.


MURAD's AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser

This came in my Sephora points gift set, and I was really excited because I love cleansers with AHA and BHA, the acids really penetrate deep into your skin to clean them out. It has some exfoliating beads in it and really scrubs while cleansing your face. Once I rinse it off, my skin feels tight, smooth and extra clean. I used this as a 1st cleansing step in my PM Routine, when my skin felt dry or if I started breaking out. Really good Cleanser.

Repurchase? YES, definitely will.

MARIO BADESCU Glycolic Foaming Cleanser

So this is not new to me. I have finished at least 3 of the big bottles in the past few years. This was a sample bottle, amongst others, sent to me by Mario Badescu after spending $50 or more (I think). I love this deep cleanser. It really helps with fading dark spots and deep cleansing. The Glycolic acid in it helps to fight bacteria on the top level of your skin and helps with hyper pigmentation. I use it every time I do an at home facial about 2 - 3 times a week. It gives me that clean skin for my treatments and mask to really absorb into my skin, and I have seen results of it fading my dark marks. This is a constant in my skincare cabinet. Now that it’s done, it’s back to getting the big ol' bottle.

Repurchase?YES, absolutely


FRESH's Soy Face Cleanser

I got this sample size from Sephora as well as a point’s gift (I shop so much at Sephora!) I read some good reviews on it and was really excited to try it. It's a gentle cleanser and smells nice. It just didn't stand out to me, nothing special about it. My face didn't feel as clean as other cleansers make me feel. Fresh is a good brand, but this cleanser didn't worked for my skin tone and type unfortunately.

Repurchase? Nope :(

SI CLINICAL's Cleansing Complex (Product Review)

This isn't completely empty, but it is going to be by the time I upload this post, because I use it both morning and night. It's such a fab product! From my review you already know how I feel about this product. It really helped me with getting rid of my acne. I also noticed after I use it, I didn't need a toner. (Even though sometimes I used just because I am used to it). It’s a gel like cleanser, so I always used it as a second cleanser in my skincare routine. The product is really good; I saw results. The whole bottle lasted me about 4 months.

Repurchase? Yes!


MARIO BADESCU Glycolic Acid Toner

This toner is actually one of my best toners. when my face feels dull, or I have a lot of dark marks from pimples, I use this toner. It exfoliates the skin which helps to reduce the dark marks and then it also gives a refreshing feeling and makes the skin feel less dry and congested. I use this toner quite a lot. This is my 3rd bottle since I started using Mario Blades products. Even though I use other toners as well, this one I need on my shelf constantly.

Repurchase? Yep!

TRUSKIN's Tea Tree Clear Skin Serum

So I bought this serum from amazon as a substitute for Vitamin C serum, because it wasn't available at the time of purchase. I figured let me try a new brand and tea tree serum since its really good for acne. This particular one is concentrated with vitamin C, Retinol Salicylic Acid and more. Basically it has all the acne fighting acids that I needed at that time in my life. At first I didn't like the texture of it. It seemed watered down, and absorbed into my skin too quickly, compared to other serums I have used. But I kid you not this product was an aid in clearing my acne. Sometimes when I see a new pimple pop out I will get the serum and just let it sit on the acne until it dries off. The next daytime acne will either be gone, r would have reduced in size tremendously. I do like this product and think its a great one to have for acne.

Repurchase? Not today. Luckily for me, I have been able to clear up my acne and not really breaking out as much. So don't need it.

MURAD 's Rapid Collagen Infusion

This was a gift that came as the step 2 Treatment for the Murad AHA/BHA exfoliating cleanser. If you follow my blog you will know I love collagen and the effect it has on my skin. So seeing this product made me happy, cos I already knew, collagen infusion = plump sexy youthful skin! ohh yea! This product did do its job, it was a kicker upper for my skin. The collagen amino acids will help combat aging skin & wrinkles for more youthful skin, which is a plus.

Repurchase? Yep! For the fact I just turned 30 and It's that time to start overloading on antiaging and antiwrinkle products. You know we don't want them lines when we get old, so we start preventing it now.

I hope my list of empties helps with getting more info on products you are interested in trying out. If you have any questions or comments, pls do so below in the comment box. And if you just want to give me a shout and say hi comment and follow me on my instagram page, I reply messages there too!



It's My 30th Birthday! Happy Birthday to ME!

Go MO-MO its your birthday! we gonna party like its your birthday!

I hit the 30-year milestone today, and I am super excited.

I have had a pretty adventurous, fun life. So many lessons learned and so many reasons to thank God. Finally I'm 30 and I feel blessed, smarter and have a lot to look forward to. I feel my 30's are going to be my best years. 

I have to share with y'all my 30 adult realizations that have shaped me and will also help with moving forward in life. 

1. My calendar is my life. I finally stopped missing events and peoples birthdays & other important commitments. I synced all calendars to one! If It's not on my Calendar, then it is not important to me.

2. Love is a decision not a feeling. You decide to love by accepting all imperfections regardless of how they love you back.

3. What's important to me has changed with time - In my teens it was probably fun n boys,  in my twenties it was friends and money, at 30 its family and God.

4. Consistency goes a long way. Learned this through Skincare, but applies to everything in life.

5. Dont expect anything from anyone. The moment I stopped expecting, the happier I became. Expectations most times bring disappointment. And I can't keep setting my self up for disappointments.

6. Time with loved ones are precious. I don't get to spend as much time with my friends or cousins, but the times I do, I always cherish the moments.

7. Speak my mind always because shyness is a fear that must be overcome.

8. Stick to my process and my timeline. I stopped rushing to do things or letting other people influence my process. Even if it takes me 5 yrs to set something up. I will enjoy every moment of the 5 years.

9. Sorry is not a solution - Changing the behavior is a better response.

10. I'm okay with the little friends I have. Not really looking to make new ones, although I know with time and adventure some will slide through the cracks.

11. Staying Positive and always know God got me all day, every day! Law of attraction is a real thing!

12. Be comfortable being alone - I have always struggled with this, but the older I have become the more I started loving me time, and actually enjoy the moments I spend alone.

13. Dont stress over certain things, sometimes just walk away.

14. No is a full sentence - I do not have to explain my actions and to do so is a choice.

15. When traveling on vacation, stay a day or two away from social media and just soak in the moment. Not every memory can be caught on camera unfortunately.

16. Cutting off old friends who are toxic is not a bad thing. It's actually a relief! Not everyone can be a part of  my happy world and thats okay.

17. Every disappointment is a blessing. I have to shine my eyes and see the blessing in every situation. Once I was fired from a job and was so scared of what next, instead God had bigger and better plans for me. The next job was actually in the industry I had always wanted to be a part of. Absolutely loved it.

18. There is power in sharing. Sharing Knowledge with my friends and giving advise have been really rewarding.

19. Disconnect from the world sometimes - Take a weekend or a day to just zone out. Block out my calendar, turn my phone off and just relax. Live for that moment. Make a new dish,  bake, do something I have always wanted to do.

20. Be your own advocate and best friend - For years I was always hard on myself to be perfect. It took me a therapy session to finally climb out of the hole of perfection, see myself as I would my best friend and started loving myself even more.

21. I would rather have sit downs with drinks & hookah and have great conversations than hit the club. I am so over the turn up life. I never knew that day will come, but yep its here.

22. Believe in  myself always. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

23. Challenge myself. Step out my comfort zone and push myself. It builds Growth.

24. People don't make me happy, I make me Happy.

25.  Confidence speaks Louder than words, even when you don't know what the hell you are talking about. People bullshit all the time, but they look so confident that you start questioning your own knowledge. Be Bold and speak with confidence.

26.  I have a huge family. And I love them all. I see a bit of me in all, even the ones I just met at my older age, the love or bond automatically appears. Family is Everything.

27. Make decisions based on my heart and feelings. If I don't love it, I dead it. If I love it, we can move forward.

28. Don't go crazy over money - Money can buy you things - granted, but happiness comes from within.

29. Happy to be alive! when you have a near death experience,  life just starts to look golden!

30. I am happy, blessed and Highly Favored by God. So much He has done for me in this past year,  I'm a walking miracle. Love him dearly and forever thankful to HIM. 
And thazzzit!

 Thanks for all the birthday wishes. Love you all! Hope you learn a thing or two about life's teaching. I am so excited to be 30! I am officially an Adult in my mind and feel great about it! God bless you all and will update you on how I spent my DIRTY 30 in Jamaica!!



Product Review: IS Clinical Cleansing Complex

IS Clinical Cleansing Complex

Describe the product  in three words.
Gel, silky, odorless

Who is it for? 
people with hyper-pigmentation, acne, large pores, unclogs pores, needs to balance skin complexion.

Key Ingredient.
Sugar Cane Extract - Gently exfoliates the skin for a renewed complexion.
White Willow Bark Extract - Exfoliates the skin and deep-cleans pores.
Chamomile Flower Extract - Highly active antioxidant with anti-irritant and photo-protective properties.
Centella Asiatica - Powerful antioxidant with healing properties that helps diminish the appearance of premature aging.
How do you use it?
Morning and night, apply a small amount of Cleansing Complex onto damp face and neck. Gently massage to cleanse face and remove makeup. Rise thoroughly with water.

Best for winter or summer? 
All year round. It doesn't dry your skin

How long did I test it for?
3 months

How much is it? /Size/?
6oz. Cost $40- $45, but I got it at a trade-show for $35.

What’s the website like?
The arrangement of the official website is very neat, you can search based on skin condition. also it has a lot of information about the science around the product and also detailed information about the product. the only downside is that you cannot buy from the main website, but it offers a list of places stocking its products. 

How’s the distribution? Available freely or limited?
It is pretty limited in my are (New Jersey) but thank God to Online stores, and amazon we can order it and receive within a couple of days. 

What’s good about it?
An IS Clinical representative recommended IS Clinical Cleansing Complex after seeing my skin back when I had the acne outbreak. At first I resisted, but after a few more success stories, I bought in and decided to try it out. Since I started using this product, I have seen a tremendous improvement in my skin. This cleanser deeply cleanses your skin. It has Glycolic and Salicylic acids which help to exfoliate and refine your skin at the same time. It took about a week of consistency before I started seeing improvement. My acne started to disappear, my face wasn't hurting as much anymore. Another thing I noticed was after my skin cleared, it maintained the skin texture, stayed smooth and my complexion started to brighten up. It is very soothing and calming and your skin PH level seems to be balanced, so there is no dryness or tightness. To experience optimal results, use it as a second  cleanser when doublecleansing, follow with a good serum and moisturizer. 

What’s not so good about it?It’s not cheap for a cleanser. I use it twice a day and I started minimizing the amount I use daily. 

Would I purchase/repurchase?
I will totally repurchase this Item. This has become a constant on my skincare shelf. This product is truly amazing, the results are amazing and is totally worth the purchase. 

Do you need it? 
Yes, I think it is a product that is can be used on all skin types. It's good for people with acne as it helps get rid of it, and it's also good for people post-acne as it helps to remove hyperpigmentation. And it's good to maintain the fresh, glowing skin once your face is clear. 


Serving You, My Morning Routine to Clearer Skin | Week of: 08/14

Welcome to my morning week routine! A lot of people always ask what I use and it's always a variety of things. I try to stay consistent with certain products especially when it works, or if I am looking to review it. But now I can direct send them to my blog to see for themselves.  This is basically a diary of what products I'm currently using.Whoop whoop!

Skin Review
- Needs to improve hyperpigmentation
- Brighten skin (Get the Glow)
- Sunscreen is a must
- Hydrate the skin

My main focus is really to get a nice glow. My 30th birthday is coming up on the 17th of August, so I need my radiance to show in all photos :) Also need to make my skin stay hydrated so my make up can stay put all day. It's summer time, I need to really double up on the SPF. My skin got darker from my trip to Nigeria, you can see the tan lines from a distance, which I really don’t like. I got drunk at the beach and forgot to re-up on my sunscreen *smh at myself*. I’m hoping this routine keeps the oil production on face on check, because for some reason my T zone, been shinning as bright as the sun and is very oily.

I will be cleansing once in the morning with a gentle yet very good treatment cleanser called IS Clinical Cleansing complex. I noticed ever since I started using this cleanser, it doesn’t strip my face or even over dry my skin. It also helped with healing my skin from acne out break. It has healing and active ingredients and is good for deep cleanse and purifying the skin.  Because this cleanser anlso does the job of a toner in balancing your PH, I will skip the toner step and go straight to using a serum. If i do need a toner, I use the Seaweed cleansing lotion by Mario Badescu just for the refreshing feeling it gives.

For the Serum, I use the Mario Badescu Vitamin C Serum. I am very loyal to it. This product does as it says and is very potent. it is an antioxidant that protects and repairs the skin. I use this because it hydrates my skin and also gives me a nice glow underneath my make up. Also it fights bacteria because the more I use it the less acne I get. 

Once I let it sink in, I use a treatment prescribed by my dermatologist. its called Finacea (Azelaic Acid, Get 15%for hyper pigmentation and get rid of pimple bumps. 

Because I have really dry skin besides my zone, I use the La Mer Moisturizer cream. Its a bit on the thick side, but a little of it is enough to moisturize are face and neck. I use a very tiny scoop and rub between my palms to activate the cream and press it into my skin with a gentle rub. 

Once thats done, I use a sunscreen from Algenist called Sublime Defense. It's funny how before I never got white residue from this product but now, maybe because I got 2 shades darker, or more, It seems to make my face a bit white. I try to use very little, so its not too obvious.

And then... I'm done and ready to apply my makeup, and look extra pretty for the day. Woop Woop! 

What product can't you live without in your morning routine? I know mine is my vitamin C serum because I need that nice glow through out the day.

So, Whats yours?