It's My 30th Birthday! Happy Birthday to ME!

Go MO-MO its your birthday! we gonna party like its your birthday!

I hit the 30-year milestone today, and I am super excited.

I have had a pretty adventurous, fun life. So many lessons learned and so many reasons to thank God. Finally I'm 30 and I feel blessed, smarter and have a lot to look forward to. I feel my 30's are going to be my best years. 

I have to share with y'all my 30 adult realizations that have shaped me and will also help with moving forward in life. 

1. My calendar is my life. I finally stopped missing events and peoples birthdays & other important commitments. I synced all calendars to one! If It's not on my Calendar, then it is not important to me.

2. Love is a decision not a feeling. You decide to love by accepting all imperfections regardless of how they love you back.

3. What's important to me has changed with time - In my teens it was probably fun n boys,  in my twenties it was friends and money, at 30 its family and God.

4. Consistency goes a long way. Learned this through Skincare, but applies to everything in life.

5. Dont expect anything from anyone. The moment I stopped expecting, the happier I became. Expectations most times bring disappointment. And I can't keep setting my self up for disappointments.

6. Time with loved ones are precious. I don't get to spend as much time with my friends or cousins, but the times I do, I always cherish the moments.

7. Speak my mind always because shyness is a fear that must be overcome.

8. Stick to my process and my timeline. I stopped rushing to do things or letting other people influence my process. Even if it takes me 5 yrs to set something up. I will enjoy every moment of the 5 years.

9. Sorry is not a solution - Changing the behavior is a better response.

10. I'm okay with the little friends I have. Not really looking to make new ones, although I know with time and adventure some will slide through the cracks.

11. Staying Positive and always know God got me all day, every day! Law of attraction is a real thing!

12. Be comfortable being alone - I have always struggled with this, but the older I have become the more I started loving me time, and actually enjoy the moments I spend alone.

13. Dont stress over certain things, sometimes just walk away.

14. No is a full sentence - I do not have to explain my actions and to do so is a choice.

15. When traveling on vacation, stay a day or two away from social media and just soak in the moment. Not every memory can be caught on camera unfortunately.

16. Cutting off old friends who are toxic is not a bad thing. It's actually a relief! Not everyone can be a part of  my happy world and thats okay.

17. Every disappointment is a blessing. I have to shine my eyes and see the blessing in every situation. Once I was fired from a job and was so scared of what next, instead God had bigger and better plans for me. The next job was actually in the industry I had always wanted to be a part of. Absolutely loved it.

18. There is power in sharing. Sharing Knowledge with my friends and giving advise have been really rewarding.

19. Disconnect from the world sometimes - Take a weekend or a day to just zone out. Block out my calendar, turn my phone off and just relax. Live for that moment. Make a new dish,  bake, do something I have always wanted to do.

20. Be your own advocate and best friend - For years I was always hard on myself to be perfect. It took me a therapy session to finally climb out of the hole of perfection, see myself as I would my best friend and started loving myself even more.

21. I would rather have sit downs with drinks & hookah and have great conversations than hit the club. I am so over the turn up life. I never knew that day will come, but yep its here.

22. Believe in  myself always. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

23. Challenge myself. Step out my comfort zone and push myself. It builds Growth.

24. People don't make me happy, I make me Happy.

25.  Confidence speaks Louder than words, even when you don't know what the hell you are talking about. People bullshit all the time, but they look so confident that you start questioning your own knowledge. Be Bold and speak with confidence.

26.  I have a huge family. And I love them all. I see a bit of me in all, even the ones I just met at my older age, the love or bond automatically appears. Family is Everything.

27. Make decisions based on my heart and feelings. If I don't love it, I dead it. If I love it, we can move forward.

28. Don't go crazy over money - Money can buy you things - granted, but happiness comes from within.

29. Happy to be alive! when you have a near death experience,  life just starts to look golden!

30. I am happy, blessed and Highly Favored by God. So much He has done for me in this past year,  I'm a walking miracle. Love him dearly and forever thankful to HIM. 
And thazzzit!

 Thanks for all the birthday wishes. Love you all! Hope you learn a thing or two about life's teaching. I am so excited to be 30! I am officially an Adult in my mind and feel great about it! God bless you all and will update you on how I spent my DIRTY 30 in Jamaica!!


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