Serving You, My Morning Routine to Clearer Skin | Week of: 08/14

Welcome to my morning week routine! A lot of people always ask what I use and it's always a variety of things. I try to stay consistent with certain products especially when it works, or if I am looking to review it. But now I can direct send them to my blog to see for themselves.  This is basically a diary of what products I'm currently using.Whoop whoop!

Skin Review
- Needs to improve hyperpigmentation
- Brighten skin (Get the Glow)
- Sunscreen is a must
- Hydrate the skin

My main focus is really to get a nice glow. My 30th birthday is coming up on the 17th of August, so I need my radiance to show in all photos :) Also need to make my skin stay hydrated so my make up can stay put all day. It's summer time, I need to really double up on the SPF. My skin got darker from my trip to Nigeria, you can see the tan lines from a distance, which I really don’t like. I got drunk at the beach and forgot to re-up on my sunscreen *smh at myself*. I’m hoping this routine keeps the oil production on face on check, because for some reason my T zone, been shinning as bright as the sun and is very oily.

I will be cleansing once in the morning with a gentle yet very good treatment cleanser called IS Clinical Cleansing complex. I noticed ever since I started using this cleanser, it doesn’t strip my face or even over dry my skin. It also helped with healing my skin from acne out break. It has healing and active ingredients and is good for deep cleanse and purifying the skin.  Because this cleanser anlso does the job of a toner in balancing your PH, I will skip the toner step and go straight to using a serum. If i do need a toner, I use the Seaweed cleansing lotion by Mario Badescu just for the refreshing feeling it gives.

For the Serum, I use the Mario Badescu Vitamin C Serum. I am very loyal to it. This product does as it says and is very potent. it is an antioxidant that protects and repairs the skin. I use this because it hydrates my skin and also gives me a nice glow underneath my make up. Also it fights bacteria because the more I use it the less acne I get. 

Once I let it sink in, I use a treatment prescribed by my dermatologist. its called Finacea (Azelaic Acid, Get 15%for hyper pigmentation and get rid of pimple bumps. 

Because I have really dry skin besides my zone, I use the La Mer Moisturizer cream. Its a bit on the thick side, but a little of it is enough to moisturize are face and neck. I use a very tiny scoop and rub between my palms to activate the cream and press it into my skin with a gentle rub. 

Once thats done, I use a sunscreen from Algenist called Sublime Defense. It's funny how before I never got white residue from this product but now, maybe because I got 2 shades darker, or more, It seems to make my face a bit white. I try to use very little, so its not too obvious.

And then... I'm done and ready to apply my makeup, and look extra pretty for the day. Woop Woop! 

What product can't you live without in your morning routine? I know mine is my vitamin C serum because I need that nice glow through out the day.

So, Whats yours? 

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