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Knowing what products work together, how they benefit your skin, and the order in which to use them is incredibly important when developing a skin care routine. Here's my deep cleansing skin care routine! How I exfoliate, how I moisturize, how I eliminate white heads, zits and more. This routine has really helped to keep my pores clean, faded dark marks and prevented acne outbreak. Since it's fall now's the perfect time to really treat your skin, so come SUMMER 18 you are glowing, spotless and Feel super sexy NEKED!

For me healthy skin starts from the inside and then you work your way to the outside, There are a bunch of factors to be considered for clearer skin. I drink lots of water and green tea, meditate through prayer and eat lots of fruits and vegetables. I recently went vegan, you can read my transition journey, HERE.  For the most part I have dry - combination skin. I usually only break out around my period (hormones) ever since I cleared my skin. And finally, I use these products religiously, They all play a huge part in my skin clearing and acne fighting routine. The instructions are in the video, watch & enjoy.

Hope you enjoyed the video, and learned a thing or two. Feel free to share in the comment box below. But till then, here's the list of products mentioned in the video:





My Chemical Peel Experience - APS Pigment Peel

In Feburary, I finally got the most talked about chemical peel. No, it wasn’t because I’m a skincare blogger and we like to try it all, it was because I was in serious need of a savior on my face.

So back in January, I had a severe case of hormonal acne. My dermatologist said it was puberty, because I am 29 turning 30. smh.

I was breaking out every where on my face, and it hurt. It was the painful baby cyst looking acne and left the darkest marks. As it was leaving another 5 were coming. No product I bought worked.

I happen to be in the Aristocrat MedAesthetics office in Great Neck, NY when I looked at their brochure and saw they offered chemical peels. So I went in for a consultation and In my mind I'm thinking chemical peels are like $100-200, you know what it is worth it, I’ll do it. After the consultation she said ohh the best peel to get rid of all the dark marks is the APS Pigment Peel. I knew my face was bad but damn $697 bad.. sheesshhh. But I was in a crisis mode. SO I was hurt but I paid it without even hesitating.

All the other peels will have faded the dark spots a little bit and she couldn’t guarantee the result I was looking for, but with the APS Pigment peel, she was very confident. So the process started.
For those who are looking for the best peel to use and the truth about this particular treatment, recovery and result, this is really going to help.
What is APS Pigment Peel?
This is an in—office peel custom compounded with retinol, hydroquinone, Ascorbic Acid, Kojic Acid for result driven for patience like myself. This peel can be used to treat major skin issues such as post- inflammatory hyper pigmentation. This peel is pain free, with active exfoliation without stinging or burning the skin. This peel can be used in the summer but requires lots of sunscreen protection. With this peel they give you take-home products that are specifically formulated and customized for you, for a post treatment to enhance the in-office peel benefit.

In the home-care products
- Sunscreen SPF 25: Protection from the sun
- Signature Cream with Retinol: Enhances the peel
- Daily Cleansing Solution: Face wash
- Hydrocortisone Cream: To apply when dryness, peeling occurs. This helps to soothe the peeling and keep face hydrated.

Day 1: Starting the Peel
The medical staff did a mini facial where she cleansed & exfoliated my face then she applied the acid peel masque. This face mask had to be applied by an expert, because this is what really gets your skin ready for the peel. This process took about 30 minutes and then I had to have the mask on for 12 hours before rinsing off. The length of time varies depending on your skin type and the condition, so yep mine was terrible, so 12 hours. 

After 12 hours, I washed the mask of with the cleansing face wash provided. Then I applied the signature cream and went to bed.  

Day 2- Redness

My face felt tender and red. I had to go to work the following day, so I apply the sunscreen on my face. This sunscreen was created without black people in mind. My whole face looked white and  crazy and yes, I still went to work looking like that. The last thing I wanted was to get sunburned while my skin was peeling off and generating new layers.
The glasses was too distract people from staring, but that didn't work. lol. 

DAY 3 - No peel
 I didn’t really notice my skin peeling by day 3 which was the expected day of peeling, so I started applying the signature cream twice a day, morning and night. Ohh I stopped using their sunscreen and started using my sunscreen that was SPF 30 but transparent when applied.  and then I woke up the next day to this.

Day 4- The Peel 

This is when the peeling started. I remember my chin peeling, my forehead peeling but not my sided at first. But eventually as days went by it all started shedding. I shed so much skin! I moisturized with the hydrocortisone cream at least 3-5 times a day to hydrate my skin when it felt itchy or dry. My skin was shedding everywhere. There was so much temptation to peel the skin but I didn’t want it to become worse, so I just let the skin hang low when necessary.

Day 7 - Seeing a Difference 
I noticed my marks were a little bit lighter but I still had a lot of dark spots to combat. My face was red and sore and I noticed even the acne was peeling off, but as soon as the acne fell off, a new pimple surfaced. I was so upset. So the chemical peel was working, but I had to deal with the acne, so I added to my face washing routine. I started double cleansing, using the Vichy Deep Cleansing gel face wash as a first cleanse and then the APS face wash for a second cleanse, both morning and night. The Vichy Deep Cleansing gel has Salicylic Acid in it, which fights acne deep down in the skin. 
Day 10 - Call it a Come Back
I felt like my face had become 70% back to normal. The dark marks were fading and I stuck to using the products they gave me. 

Day 11: Till the end of Month One
I kept using the products for about a month and used up all the Signature cream content till the last drop. I was super happy because I got the result I was looking for. I mean my face wasn't completely spotless but from where I started one month ago, girl I felt like my skin was supper fresh Like Beyonce. 

Here is the result from one month of using the APS Pigment Chemical Peel.


I got great results from using the APS Pigment Chemical Peel. The treatment costed me $697 and it was money well spent. by the end of the treatment my skin looked, brighter, smoother and more even-toned. Most of the dark spots were practically gone, this was better than the result I had expected.

I will recommend this treatment to anyone who has severe acne like me and needs a quick and easy fix. The treatment was a first step to treating my skin, and gave me hope to fighting the acne and hyperpigmentation. I love the fact it works fast and quickly for people like me who don’t have patience.

If you are interested in learning more about the APS Pigment peel, visit Aristorats website or you can go to their offices in Great Lake and New york city. 

Have you gotten a chemical peel before? If yes which one and did you like the results? Lets talk in the comment box below. 




My Body Care Routine: Cleansing + Moisturizing

We obsess over the significance of facial skin care because it's the first thing we see when we look in the mirror, or first line of judgement when we see someone, before they even speak. So we try to make our face perfect, or close to it. But most times we neglect our bodies which is just as important in feeling beautiful and our best self. In reality, skin is our first line of defense. It is a protective barrier and needs to be well taking care of from head to toe. It's very important that as we love skin care, we have to spread the love to our whole body. As you read and watch my body care routine (Cleansing + Moisturizing), it's important to have in mind that taking good care of your body, helps to eliminate basic skin problems, such as uneven skin tone and major ones such as, stretch marks, cellulite and other body care issues. Join me as I walk you through how to build a great body care routine and get glowing skin to brighten up your day. I have added a glow-up routine as well in there to really give you the perfect GLOW we all want.

Sit back relax and enjoy the quick video

Body Care 101


Cleansing your body helps to removes build-up of dirt and impurities, leaving your skin clean. I do a double cleanse on my body as well. I use the african black soap from Shea moisture and then a long exfoliating sponge with Dr Bronner's Pure Castile Soap. This helps my skin maintain its moisture and really feel fresh and clean. To apply, bring your cleanser or body wash to a luxurious lather and massage over your skin. For extra-foamy and a scrub results, apply with a wash cloth. Rinse thoroughly.


An exfoliator gently buffs the skin’s surface, helping to remove dead skin cells, speed up the skin renewal process and brighten skin’s appearance. By removing dead skin, you can help your moisturiser work more effectively with your skin, for more visible results. I use Origins Clear Improvement body scrub with exfoliating gloves for a silky result. To apply, squeeze a little exfoliator into your hand and massage over your skin in a circular motion, working your way up your body and focus on dark areas such as armpits, knees, elbows, feet, under the butt and boobs. It's better to exfoliate 2-3 times a week, so you give your skin time to heal after scrubbing all the dead skin off.


Before drying off with a towel, I rub body oil all over my wet skin and massage it into my body. This sinks into the skin allowing the skin to be softer, and hydrated. I use the Body Oil from Butter Elixir. Once the body oil penetrates into my skin, I then grab my towel and pat dry. Do not rub it in. Now that your skin is refreshed, I lock in the moisture by using Queen Helene Cocoa Butter a hydrating moisturizer. Simply smooth the moisturizer all over your skin and allow it to soak in before dressing up.

GLOW-UP ROUTINE for Special occasions.

When I really want to get that nice camera ready, glowing skin. I use the body bronzer from Melanie mills and top it up with the Honey bronze shimmery oil from Body Shop. Check out my glow routine here.

Do you have a body skin care product you need in your body care routine? Share your secret! in the comment box below.

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Glow Recipe: Veggie Burger & Avocado Fries

Hey Glow babes,

You know how sometimes you just get home and you are so lazy to start cooking. I get those moments too, so I make sure I always have something easy I can pop in the oven or microwave quickly or requires very little cooking.

So todays easy recipe is a veggie burger and Avocado fries.

This Veggie burger is an 11 vegetable veggie burger from Earth Brown. It's a good source of fibre and protein and also cholesterol free.

Avocado fries is a healthier option than regular fries and taste so good.

So here you go, enjoy the recipe:

Veggie Burger
Prep time: 10 min


- Remove burgers from the packet.
- Separate the two and place them in a microwave for two minutes. (Told you it was easy)
- Grab a burger bun, put in in the toaster for about a minute to become a little crispy
- Once toasted, put the veggie bugger on it and add some guacamole and some salsa, (if you don't have tomatoes), and voila burger is ready.

Avocado Fries
Prep time: 25 min

2 large avocados, sliced
Juice of ½ lime (optional)
Salt & Pepper
¼ cup flour
1 egg, lightly beaten
1 cup panko bread crumbs
2 tablespoons oil


- Pre-heat oven to 400 Degrees F
- Pour 1 tablespoon oil in sheet tray or baking dish.
- Squeeze fresh lime juice on avocado slices to preserve their color while baking (this step is optional). Season with salt, pepper. Dredge in flour then dip in egg and coat in panko breadcrumbs. Be sure the avocado slices are coated very well in the panko.
- Place in a single layer on the greased sheet pan. Drizzle with the remaining oil or spray with cooking spray. This will help the avocado slices crisp in the oven.
- bake for 15 minutes or until the avocados are golden and crispy. If desired, more oil can be drizzle while they are baking for additional crispness.
- Serve with my chipotle dipping sauce or ranch, ketchup, or whatever is your favorite dip!

And food is ready, lets eat and Glow!





Hi Glow Babes!

I was hanging out with a few friends and the topic of body care came up. Someone had mentioned how body care is kind of neglected and a lot of people focus on face and body issues such as strechmarks, cellulite, but don't cover the basics of body care. I was super shocked but yes I agree, I do spend a lot of time talking about my face.

I don't want my body parts to feel neglected So I am going to give it the attention it deserves. I've decided to do series to talk about body care.

Enjoy the Intro video

With that said we will be talking about boosting your skin metabolism, body care, shaving, private area hygiene,  my 2017 must haves/favorites and lots more

What do you want to know or want me to talk about in Body care? Leave a comment below. And I will be sure to address it.

Really excited about this series hope you are too.

till then




MY VEGAN STORY! Why I went Vegan +more.

As someone who is Nigerian and ate chicken or meat with every meal, going vegan was one of the scariest yet exciting processes I have ever decided to adopt into my life.

A few months back, I saw the movie on Netflix ‘What the Health’ and it really had a big impact in my decision to go vegan. It opened my horizon on the unhealthy, toxic food I was putting into my body daily. For many weeks, maybe months, I had been feeling very lazy, low energy, craving appetite to eat a lot of junk, and other weirdness but I couldn’t figure out what was wrong and how to snap out of it. And NO I was not pregnant. Going to the gym was a force, going out was a force, I just wanted to stay on my couch and eat junk food and be lazy. Also I did notice my asthma seemed to have been picking up, I have had to use my pump way more times than usual and that really bothered me. I decided to cut out carbs in-order to lose weight and really pump up on proteins, and then I thought proteins were just animal meat.

So one day, my sister and I decided to watch the movie ‘What the Health’ since there was so much hype around it in the media and also amongst friends. That movie shed light into my situation and how I'm practically killing myself internally and I believed it was starting to show. The movie was an inspiration, I don’t want to spoil it for those who haven’t watched it, but it had so much education, research and facts about what we eat today and how it’s really what’s causing the illnesses; from all the hormones they inject into the animals, the bacteria and pesticides in what they eat and how it transfers to our systems, how the government and key top companies makes tons of money from this meat industry and have really sabotaged the organizations who are suppose to be finding a cure or prevention. Because of what these companies do to the animal meat that we eat, it is now horrible and bad for us and it can cause cancer, diabetes and many infections and diseases. There is so much more to learn from it but I will leave that to you to watch.

After watching it, and doing tones of research, I decided to go Vegan! I needed to make major changes in my eating habits and diet. Literally the next day, I drove straight to the market to get fresh, non GMO food items.
Animal Meat doesn't kill; it's the chemicals released from gmo and all the hormone shots they give the animals that are killing us. Even fruits have been tampered with. Non-organic fruits are very dangerous, thats why you have to do your research and know what fruits are in season and buy organic ones. 
The thought of going vegan is really scary; I mean the thought of giving up meat, chicken, dairy and anything that has traces of it. But the moment I read the great things that happen to your body after, in my head there was no going back from wanting to try it.

Educate yourself – I did a ton of research to make sure what I watched was legit information. Then did some research on what to eat, best ways to go vegan, meal plans, meal preps, what supplements to take and how to beat the cravings when it comes.

So I set out! I decided to do a test on myself. I went vegan for 2 weeks, then a month and now doing a check in to see what changes actually happen and what tweaks I would be making. The expectations are, more energy, better appetite, glowing skin, weight loss and a total body change (feeling positive).

The expectations became a reality! My skin is glowing. Since I started, I kid you not, I have not had any breakout. My energy level definitely is up and I have been eating more vegetables than I can imagine. The downside is that I have to cook more times than usual, which when you are a working class woman, is not easy, so I did go days where I starved for dinner, cos I had work to do and couldn't carve out time to cook. Yes, I love my food freshly cooked, so meal prep could only be 2-3 days at a time.

My reality going vegan
- It wasn't hard to start. I didn't wait two days to eat as much meat and then start a few days later as most people say the would do before they start. I actually started the exact same day I decided to go vegan.

- I got really bad headaches for 2 days, about two weeks after I stopped eating meat. I think it was my bodies withdrawal reaction to not eating meat.

- My breakfast was the hardest to change. No eggs, no cheese, no sausages no turkey bacon. Breakfast wasn't the same. I tell you, I ended up eating oatmeal, toast and wheat cereal with almond milk most morning.

-Vegetables are actually very filling. I ended up eating more vegetables than I have ever eaten and I tell you, I was full from eating an average size meal, just like normal.

- I didn't lose as much weight as I thought. Probably lost a pound. This is because I think I doubled up on the carbs out of fear of being hungry. I ate more rice, more pasta, more bread. But all that has too stop, have to make it more veggies.

- I know more about what I eat. After going vegan, I started looking more at the ingredients on the back of everything.

- Finding restaurants that have vegan options are rare to find. I stopped eating out as much. So barely had dinner dates or hang outs.

- Ohh the trips to the bathroom is very frequent. It reminded me of when I did the gallon of water a day challenge. Vegetables has high water content, so if you are constipated, vegetables will be a great option to eat.

- Clearer skin. My skin started getting that nice yellow undertone. My skin looks more radiant and the glow looks like its coming from within. I was really happy about this because some people get the opposite reaction and break out instead.

- Clearer focus and concentration. It feels like my creativity boosted filled with all positive energy. I wake up feeling on top of the world and unstoppable.

- You become very gassy. So be careful where you go cos you might let one slide out.

- I experiment more in the kitchen. I try to make different variations, never before seem recipes, some that will never surface and ended up in the bin and some that were just sooooo delicious.

- Constantly educating myself on healthy habits and foods to eat.

So Far…

I have been pretty solid with my decision that I’m not even missing meat at all. I mean how can I miss something that’s really bad for me?! Its like missing a toxic ex-boyfriend, BOI BYE! I am glad I have been able to commit my mind and body to eating healthier, so far I have had cravings but none I couldn't overcome. Once you know why you are doing it, you will have more excuses not to give in.

I do want to point out that me going vegan wasn't because of animal cruelty (I'm sorry if this offends you), or because I am trying to lose weight, it is simply to be healthier. I have been doing a lot of research on eggs and cheese because I don't understand how they can be so bad, I mean I know they are high in cholesterol but if you eat it not too often, it actually isn't bad for you. Also, if you get eggs from a local farm, where they are organic, fresh, farm to table, it actually is not bad and a good source of vitamin B12.

Questions I get a lot!

Why are you going vegan?

Besides to stop eating all the nasties inside animal meat because it’s bad for us, I think it will make my skin glow and reduce acne, clean up my systems, give more energy and in the movie it showed how some ladies asthma got better few weeks after she stopped eating meat. I have asthma, so if this will get rid of asthma in the long run… count me in! But really did you know;

- You’re four times more likely to die of cancer if you eat an animal-protein (GMO) rich diet than if you avoid animal products.

- Meat is high in hormones, and consuming it can cause high risky consequences such as endometriosis, cancers, heart disease and other illnesses.

- Lack of fat (animal fat) keeps our heart healthy and significantly decrease the likelihood of getting heart disease. You are 24% less likely to have heart disease if you cut out animal meat. 24% less likely to die of heart disease

What is the best way to start?

Some people found it hard to go cold turkey but for me, after watching and reading more about it, it was so easy. It’s a state of mind and honestly, everyone should try to go cold turkey first, what’s really the worst that can happen…. you’ll slip up. Big deal! you dust it off and try again. When you are doing something for a great cause, trust me, you will be excited and motivated to do it.

How would you get protein, if you can’t eat meat?

Plant based proteins such as beans, nuts, etc. These are significantly cheaper per gram than animal based proteins. FYI

What if you start craving meat?

I think about why I’m going vegan again, and adjust my thoughts and remember health is wealth. Plant is right and meat isn’t a requirement but an unhealthy substitute.

You’ve gone vegan, now what? 

I feel much healthier, mentally and physically. And I will continue to spread the importance of it, so that other people can be educated and we can all live longer lives.

What would you say to a newbie?

It's not as tough as it sounds. Giving up meat is actually the best gift you can give to your body. Even if you can't stick to being vegan, just try giving up red meat and then gradually drop all the other animal nasties that you eat.

If you ever thought of eating healthy, watch What the Health on Netflix for inspiration and motivation, then commit you’re mind and body to it.

The birth of Glow Recipe! 
So you know we are all about glowing skin here at Skin First Daily. So to really spice things up, I have created a new page, called Glow Recipes,where I will be giving you the hottest, yummiest recipes for food that aids glowing skin, of cos would be around vegan and vegetarian recipes. This will be recipes that are full of nutrients and will benefit your skin and give you that beautiful glow from within. Here's the are some  Glow Recipe that have good numbers of views already! Check it out, HERE and HERE.

Would you go vegan for 2 week? What are your thoughts on switching to a plant based diet? Lets start the conversation below. 



Glow Recipe: Black Beans Chili noodles with Veggie Curry

Since turning vegan, I have had to change my mindset on food. From someone who barely ate vegetables to trying out all this different alternatives. I am very picky with my food, but being vegan has really humbled me. Being vegan definitely brings a nice skin glow. My skin is doing so much better now. barely see any break outs.. so cheers to being vegan.

So, to jump right into it  todays recipe is Black Beans Chili Noodles with Veggie Curry.

Prep time 10
Cook time 20
Portion 3 

– 2 tins of coconut milk
– Thai curry paste
– baby carrot
– 1 Red bell pepper, sliced in thin short strips
– Frozen broccoli
– Frozen Kale
– Frozen Spinach
– Noodles you can also use brown rice or wheat pasta
– Cilantro
– dried chili / grounded pepper 
– Chill oil with Back Beans

1. Pour the coconut milk into a pot and let it boil on middle-high heat. Once its hot, add the curry paste and stir it till it dissolves. Let it boil for a few more minutes, then add the carrots. 

In a different pot, for the vegetables (Broccoli, kale, spinach and bell pepper) into a dry pot and simmer until its cooked.

Once cooked, pour it into the coconut milk and let it boil for a few more minutes. Add cilantro, dried chili or grounded pepper for preferred taste. 

2. Meanwhile, cook the noodles according to the package instructions. Once its a little soft, transfer to a colander and rinse with cold water. Drain well. Get a wok and add a little bit of oil, preferably coconut oil, once hot add the noodles inside, let it fry a little under low heat and then add the chills oil with black beans source. you only need about 2-3 table spoons. Once added and mixed together and voila you meal is done. 

To Serve
In a bowl, add veggie curry  and then place the noodle on top on a side.

GLOW Food is Served! 

Please let me know how it turned out for you! Leave a comment below and share a picture on Instagram with #skinfirstdaily Enjoy!



The skincare products you should always have in your travel bag

Traveling can be a a bit stressful on the skin. Wether it is short distance or across the globe it can make a lasting impact on your skin, making it dull, very dry, and just not in its happiest state. I mean traveling is always fun, so we have to make our skin feel the excitement as well and keep our skin glowing on board.
If you haven't yet, follow me on Instagram ! Shameless plug there guys.
Here are five products you should constantly have in your bag and the best times to use it when you are on board a plane.

Disinfectant Wipes.

Why you need it:
You might not think about it, but you don't know who sat on that sit before you, if they had the flu, or if they just had bad habits like picking their nose, etc. I just prefer to be safe than sorry, because I don't want to transfer the dirt to my face, or the grossness to any part of my body.

Best time to use it:  Once you locate your sit, before you sit down, wipe up the whole sit area, and any part of the plane you will most likely be touching such as, the remote, the tv, the window blinds, window, handle of the chairs, the pockets in front of you, the light and air switch above you, etc.

 Head Band. 

Why you need it: Your hair carries a lot of oils and products on it, its best to keep it away from your cleansed face.
Best time to use it: Right when you have sat down, and are getting comfy for the long flight.

Make-up Remover Wipes

Why You need it: You want your skin to breath, especially when you will fall asleep. Also you want a clean face to apply all the products for it to absorb well. If you are like me, I barely ever travel with make up on. Don't think it is necessary, so I go bare but cleanse my face before I leave for the airport. I do carry my make up to apply on the plane; usually powder, eye liner, mascara and lip gloss. Keep it simple.

Best time to use it: Once the plane takes off, I am all buckled in and I know I am not moving from my sit anytime soon.

Treatment & Serum.

Why you need it: You need to use treatments and serums that have anti-bacteria properties and also will brighten and hydrate your skin while on the flight. The is a good time to use this since you wouldn't be moving much for the few hours you are on the flight.

Best time to use it: On a clean face, after you cleanse your face, or wiped it up.

Hydrating moisturizer.

Why you need it: On the plane, the speed at which it goes and the height of which it flies influences the dryness of your skin. so you need something to keep your skin hydrated the whole time. Not just a hydrating face moisturizer you will also need body moisturizer as well.

Best time to use it: When you take off, after applying serum and treatment on your skin. This helps to lock in moisture through out the flight.

Cooling Mist.

Why you need it:
On the flight sometimes the moisturizer starts to fade off and you just need a quicker upper to refresh your skin,  instead of adding more moisturizer, which can clog your pores, I just spray the cooling, refreshing mist over my face.

Best Time to use it: Every time my skin starts to feel dry, I spray a couple of pumps around my face and you can instantly feel the cooling and hydration restore.

These are real necessities that will take you through the flight and leave you feeling fresher and brighter than you came in. Do you have any products that are a must to travel with? lets talk in the comment box below.


The Truth about Acne-Prone Skin.

Acne vulgaris is the most common skin disease in industrial nations. It usually begins during puberty, in line with hormone changes, and may persist into later adulthood. Approximately 80-90% of young people are affected to some degree with blemishes and 20-30% of these people will seek medical support. There are also increasing numbers of adults, particularly women, experiencing acne later in life.
With acne, skin becomes oily and open and closed comedones (black and whiteheads) appear on the face and often the neck, shoulders, chest and back too. In moderate and severe acne, skin becomes reddened and inflamed papules and pustules develop. Acne can be emotionally distressing, annoyingly persistent and can lead to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) and/or long-term scarring. 
Rosacea, a hypersensitive skin disorder, shares many of the symptoms of acne and papules and pustules are similar in appearance. However, with Rosacea, as opposed to acne, there are no blocked pores, the skin is more likely to be dry than greasy and no scarring is left.
A disturbed sebum secretion can also trigger Seborrheic Dermatitis, a common inflammatory skin condition in which flaky, white to yellowish scales form on oily areas, such as the scalp or inside the ear. 

When the skin produces an excess amount of sebum (seborrhea) and dead skin cells remain attached to the skin (hyperkeratosis) the two can build up in the hair follicle and form together as a soft plug. This plug may cause the follicle wall to bulge and produce a closed comedone (whitehead) or, if the plug is close to the surface, an open comedone (blackhead).
Genes are also thought to affect a person’s risk of developing acne. So, if both parents had acne, there is a higher chance that their child will go on to develop the condition.
Depending on the severity of impure and acne-prone skin, sufferers can use a cleanse, clear, care routine and prescribed medical treatments such as retinoids or oral antibiotics or a combination of both. Some medical treatments are known to have dehydrating side effects so can be enhanced with adjunctive moisturising care.
Hormones are considered to play a role, making acne most common in teenagers (although people of all ages can get acne). The increase of androgens in both boys and girls in puberty causes the sebaceous glands to produce more sebum than skin needs. In addition to the amount of circulating hormones also an increased sensitivity of the sebaceous glands is relevant for the development of acne. The majority of acne cases vanish spontaneously after puberty. Nevertheless, effective treatment is needed to prevent the formation of lasting scars. Sebaceous glands are particularly sensitive to hormones so adult acne can occur in women with hormone-related conditions such as polycystic ovary syndrome. Also psychological stress may be a trigger of adult female acne. In people with acne-prone skin, the excess production of sebum creates an ideal environment in which the normally harmless acne bacteria (Propionibacterium acnes) can multiply. This triggers inflammation and the formation of red or pus-filled spots. This is not, as some myths would have you believe, because acne sufferers are unhygienic. On the contrary, over-cleansing with aggressive cleansing products is actually more likely to irritate skin. 
Certain medications, such as steroids and lithium, have been known to trigger acne in some people. There are many myths surrounding acne, many of which unfairly “blame” the sufferer – such as acne being caused by having dirty skin, poor hygiene or a poor diet, or acne being contagious. As well as being untrue, these myths can cause unnecessary distress to sufferers who may already be experiencing low self-confidence or low self-esteem. Dermatologists are trained to separate the facts from the fiction.
Although there is no ‘cure’ for impure and acne-prone skin, medicinal and non-medicinal therapies can be very effective in preventing the formation of new spots and scarring. These daily routines should also include a tailor-made sunscreen that has been specifically formulated for oily and acne-prone skin, filtering harmful UVA and UVB rays.

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Does Baby Powder cause Cancer? Johnson & Johnson linked to Ovarian Cancer

Don't most women use Johnson and Johnson baby powder? I know when I was younger, this was a staple in my house for heat rash, and feminine hygiene.

So last weekend, my sister told me about the lawsuit that was slapped on the giant baby powder company, Johnson & Johnson, having linked to giving a lady ovarian cancer. Allegedly, her illness is linked to the talcum in Johnson & Johnson baby powder.

There are theories about how talcum powder could cause cancer. If women put it on their underwear or on feminine products, it could get into their reproductive system. Then, talc particles could make their way to the ovaries — research has already shown that can happen, and talc has been found in ovarian tumors. The talc could then cause irritation and inflammation that, over time, could lead to cancer.

Recently, A Los Angeles jury awarded $417 million to a woman suffering from ovarian cancer. the judgment was reached after a roughly one-month long trial in Los Angeles Superior Court, asking for $347 million in punitive damages against Johnson & Johnson.

Apparently 2,000 women having filed for similar cases. One thing is certain, my Johnson & Johnson baby powder is going into the trash immediately. Please refrain from using this product.  

Read More on the court case, here.

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Treat Yo Self! Spa day at Home

Me-time is so essential! I can't stress this out enough.  There is no shame in having this one selfish moment, taking the time to totally relax yourself, mentally & physically and just get into a state of indulging happiness. Well, thats how I feel after I have get me some Me-time.

Most time people associate me-time with shopping or spa day, which is good but if you have some cash to burn and then by all means, do you boo. but f you just wanna treat yourself  during the holiday and don't really want to cough out money then look no further, for I will share with you ways to have a spa day in the comfort of your own home... Yes honey! Labor day holiday is fast approaching, if you live in the US, Sallah if you live in Nigeria, so if you aint got plans, well here's something to do one of the days on this long public holiday weekend.

Set up your home into a Spa.

Think what makes you feel relaxed. The smell of the place, the look and feel and the sounds.

- Set the mood by lighting up some scented candles to really give your home that fresh scent, flowery or citrus (your preference). if you can you can dim the light and let the candle light shine.

- Put on some relaxing music or sounds. Me personally, I like to play that soul or RnB (Brian McKnight) music when I really wanna get into the relax sensual mode. But if you prefer the sound of the ocean instead them get that wave sound. Thank God for youtube, you can get what ever playlist you want.

Get comfortable. Time to take off them clothes and slip into a nice house robe, comfy slippers and put on a head wrap, so you hair doesn't get in the way. At this moment you should start to wind down your energy level and just be in a state of comfort and bliss.

Ohh its not over, we are just getting started... keep reading.

Give your self a deep cleanse facial.

If you know me, you know I take my facials very seriously. I would go into details on how I go about a deep cleanse facial, but you can go ahead and read a post I did on it prior, here.

To summarize, I scrub, cleanse, steam, and then exfoliate and mask my face. This really helps to clean out the pores where dirt hides and can cause bacteria that eventually will give you acne.  So get a good refresher by giving your self a nice facial similar to that of an esthetician.

Turn your bathtub into a Luxurious hot tub. 

The key things you need here is a bath bomb, from Lush Skincare, to lather up the water. Most times they have essential oils in them that are really good for the skin. Also add Epsom Salt, which helps with muscle tension and blood circulation. Once you have your warm-hot water filled in the tub and you have your luxurious tub ready, then go ahead and sit in and soak up yourself in it. I like the idea of closing my eyes and just taking in the moment. After about 30 min to an hour I bring out my brush and start to scrub my skin for some deep exfoliation. Once I rinse off, I then massage some moisturizing oil into my skin. Oh I tell you you feel like a million bux at this point.

Get on a Sheet mask to get that nice Glow. 
I really like the Tony Moly Brightening Sheet Masks, because you instantly see your skin looking plump and more radiant. While you have on your sheet mask, you can paint your nails, blow out your hair if it got wet or make some tea, preferably green tea.

Have a little ME-Time Self Motivation Session.

When all is said and done, and you have removed the sheet mask and moisturized your face, look into the mirror and stair at your sexy self and repeat after me;
" I am Beautiful inside and out.  I am a Fearless Queen. I Love You, (insert your name) with all my heart. Go on and be a Shining STAR to this world." 
Keep repeating it until you start to believe it. Once you do that you are all done. You can either go to bed or be like me, and pour a glass of wine, turn on the tv and see what new show or movie there is to binge watch.

And THAT is how you have an awesome pampered day on a public holiday! that gets you super energized for the week to come.  How have you pampered yourself lately?