Hi Glow Babes!

I was hanging out with a few friends and the topic of body care came up. Someone had mentioned how body care is kind of neglected and a lot of people focus on face and body issues such as strechmarks, cellulite, but don't cover the basics of body care. I was super shocked but yes I agree, I do spend a lot of time talking about my face.

I don't want my body parts to feel neglected So I am going to give it the attention it deserves. I've decided to do series to talk about body care.

Enjoy the Intro video

With that said we will be talking about boosting your skin metabolism, body care, shaving, private area hygiene,  my 2017 must haves/favorites and lots more

What do you want to know or want me to talk about in Body care? Leave a comment below. And I will be sure to address it.

Really excited about this series hope you are too.

till then



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