My Body Care Routine: Cleansing + Moisturizing

We obsess over the significance of facial skin care because it's the first thing we see when we look in the mirror, or first line of judgement when we see someone, before they even speak. So we try to make our face perfect, or close to it. But most times we neglect our bodies which is just as important in feeling beautiful and our best self. In reality, skin is our first line of defense. It is a protective barrier and needs to be well taking care of from head to toe. It's very important that as we love skin care, we have to spread the love to our whole body. As you read and watch my body care routine (Cleansing + Moisturizing), it's important to have in mind that taking good care of your body, helps to eliminate basic skin problems, such as uneven skin tone and major ones such as, stretch marks, cellulite and other body care issues. Join me as I walk you through how to build a great body care routine and get glowing skin to brighten up your day. I have added a glow-up routine as well in there to really give you the perfect GLOW we all want.

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Body Care 101


Cleansing your body helps to removes build-up of dirt and impurities, leaving your skin clean. I do a double cleanse on my body as well. I use the african black soap from Shea moisture and then a long exfoliating sponge with Dr Bronner's Pure Castile Soap. This helps my skin maintain its moisture and really feel fresh and clean. To apply, bring your cleanser or body wash to a luxurious lather and massage over your skin. For extra-foamy and a scrub results, apply with a wash cloth. Rinse thoroughly.


An exfoliator gently buffs the skin’s surface, helping to remove dead skin cells, speed up the skin renewal process and brighten skin’s appearance. By removing dead skin, you can help your moisturiser work more effectively with your skin, for more visible results. I use Origins Clear Improvement body scrub with exfoliating gloves for a silky result. To apply, squeeze a little exfoliator into your hand and massage over your skin in a circular motion, working your way up your body and focus on dark areas such as armpits, knees, elbows, feet, under the butt and boobs. It's better to exfoliate 2-3 times a week, so you give your skin time to heal after scrubbing all the dead skin off.


Before drying off with a towel, I rub body oil all over my wet skin and massage it into my body. This sinks into the skin allowing the skin to be softer, and hydrated. I use the Body Oil from Butter Elixir. Once the body oil penetrates into my skin, I then grab my towel and pat dry. Do not rub it in. Now that your skin is refreshed, I lock in the moisture by using Queen Helene Cocoa Butter a hydrating moisturizer. Simply smooth the moisturizer all over your skin and allow it to soak in before dressing up.

GLOW-UP ROUTINE for Special occasions.

When I really want to get that nice camera ready, glowing skin. I use the body bronzer from Melanie mills and top it up with the Honey bronze shimmery oil from Body Shop. Check out my glow routine here.

Do you have a body skin care product you need in your body care routine? Share your secret! in the comment box below.

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