How to Get Glowing Skin Before a Big Event

Glowing skin for a big event

It's wedding season for me, I have so many weddings I'm attend these last couple of months before the year ends. WOW... two more months till 2018.. feels like 2017 rushed through!

I enjoy attending friends weddings to celebrate their union, but at the same time it's always like a mini reunion, seeing old and new friends from all over. It's always a good time, hanging out, reminiscing and of cos taking pictures. You see the thing with pictures is that they last forever, so you always want to make sure you look your best and your skin looks great in all the photos.

So, here is the really easy way I get my face to glow and also make it a great canvas for your make up.

List of What I Use to Get Glowing Skin the Day of a Big Event

Glowing skin for a big event

Step 1:


A light exfoliating scrub to remove all the dead skin to reveal newer skin. Since it's day time, I use Aveeno's Positively Radiant skin brightening daily scrub.

Step 2:

Mild Cleanser 

As a second cleanser, I use Fresh's Soy Face Cleanser. It is really gentle on the skin, so it's great as a morning cleanser for my skin.

Step 3:


To balance my PH and remove any impurities or dirt on the skin, I use Mario Badescu's Glycol Acid Toner. I love this toner, it's great for acne prone skin.

Step 4:


I follow with a Brightening Serum, of cos my favorite Vitamin C serum from Mario Badescu. This really helps to add some glow in dull skin, brings out the happiness in my skin.

Step 5

Sheet Mask 

Next I used a hydrating collagen mask from Peach and Lily to boost brightness and plump my skin. Leave it on for 30 minutes and then let the serum dry up on the face for an additional 5 min.

Step 6


I use an oil Free Moisturizer or whatever moisturizer is appropriate at that time, depending on my skin condition. Since my skin is combination right now, and since I am using a lot of brightening products, I use an oil free moisturizer to limit the shine and prevent acne formation. I just got this Black Jack Oil free moisturizer sample from Sephora, tried it and it did well on my skin all day.

Step 7


This is like a staple rule that we forget most times, but it's just as important as everything else. I use SPF 30 Algenist Sublime Defense Sunscreen on my face.

Once you complete that, your face will look instantly brighter and would be a great canvas for the make up you'll be applying for the event. For some bonus tips, make sure to drink a lot  of water the day before the big event and get enough rest at lease 8hrs of sleep if possible.

Now It's time for you to get glowed up for your big event coming up; LIGHTS CAMERA ACTION!!

Glowing skin for a big event




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