Mario Badescu NYC Salon Visit- European Facial +Glycolic Acid Peel


If you read my blog you know I love Mario badescu and I have raved about their products  a few time on the blog and on my Instagram page. I am a big fat fan of their vitamin C serum especially.

I finally went to their NYC location to get a facial! I know, I usually don't do professional facials anymore, because I do a really great job myself at home. But once in a while I go to a professional, because of extractions. I still haven't mastered it, I always end up in bruises. SO I decided to go because yes I tried to extract and I ended up scaring myself and needed to get a proper extraction done. 
Nice and clean space

SO I decided to go to Mario Badescu because I love the brand and the facials are cheaper than other private aesthetician. I decided to go with the European facial, which came with extraction and then added a glycol peel to help with the dark marks I had from the scars.

First of all customer service is 100! Reasons being, very polite and warm people work there. I was about 30 min late due to the crazy NYC weekend train schedule, and they were very understanding and put me in the next available slot which was almost immediately. 
Skin First Daily
the treatment room set up table

I met with a lady named Betty, super sweet, you can tell she knows her stuff as a licensed esthetician. We had mini consultation about my skin, Of cos my skin looked great :) but was a bit congested and needed to extract. (I already knew that so I pat myself on the back) She also recommends and it is up to you to decide what you want to get done. She recommended the glycolic peel so I knew we are on the same page. A lot of places just recommend so you can spend more, so you have to know your skin and what it needs before going in, so you don't get ripped off. 

The procedure
- Neck and face massage
- Cleanse face 
- Steam face
- Extraction
- Scrubbed/Polish
- Glycol peel - Mild peel
- Face Mask
- Sea weed compressor to reduce any swelling from the extraction & peel
- Serum- Vitamin C serum 
- Moisturizer
Loved the way my skin felt and looked after the facial & peel
Unfortunately I didn’t take pictures, during the process because she had my moisturized hands in this heated hand gloves, to soften the ads. It felt so warn and almost made me fall asleep during the process. 

The European facial cost $65 and the added on Glycol peel cost $45.
Most of their add ons prices range around 45 - 95. Not bad at all. 

If you like their facials you can pick up their products in stores there, they have everything for every skin type that exists. I was hoping the store location will have their events discounts but nope, its all original price. 
Skin looks so radiant after the facial

At the end, I really enjoyed the facial experience. My skin felt good, she took her time to extract, some places do two or three and stop, she went over my lips, nose, chin, forehead, everywhere, really took her time to removing all blackheads. I will definitely be back for more treatments and would recommend it if you are looking to get a good, affordable facial with excellent service. 

320 E 52nd St, New York, NY 10022
(212) 223-3728
opened from 8:30AM–6PM

Have you ever had a facial done at Mario Badescu? 
For more information about Mario Badescu's products or spa visit their website or feel free to ask me in the comments!!



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