Pedicure at Home – Almond Skincare Socks by Sephora

Pedicure at home can be cost efficient, save time instead of waiting at the salon with 10 people ahead of you. So its important for us to know how to care for our feet incase we need to put our big boy pants on and get to doing some feet work. Here's a step by step guide to doing a perfect pedicure at home that left my feet feeling soft, smooth, with no ash and no cracks on site.

Pedicure at Home – Ultimate Guide

I say this all the time... I have super dry skin in the fall & winter season. It's like my body just becomes super thirsty and drinks up all the water leaving my skin to look super dehydrated. I always need to find the best ways to keep my skin hydrated and today we will be talking about saving my feet from being the Walking dead. *GASP*

By where I live, nail salons over the weekend are always fully booked. I always forget to make appointments and walk-in wait time is a nightmare. If I really had to get my feet done for the weekend and this was happening, I'll just go home and start doing my pedicure at home. If they can't make you happy, you gotta make your self happy with a good ol' DIY Pedicure that is easy to do, you might just bump going to the salon after this.

Pedicure at Home – Ultimate Guide

Tools needed for a Pedicure at Home

· A Tub or bucket of Warm Water
· Epson Salt/ Bath soap
· A Good Foot Scrub or Body scrub will do
· Nail clippers
· Cuticle Pusher
· Nail File
· Pumice Stone/Foot File
· Nail Scrubber
· Nail Polish Remover
· Nail Buffer
· A Clean Towel 
.Skincare Socks
· Moisturizer
· Cotton Pads

Pedicure at Home – Ultimate Guide

Prepare your feet for a Pedicure at Home

Remove nail polish with cotton pad and nail polish remover.
Trim, file and buff nails to desired length and shape of preference.
Dry brush, or dry file the back of your feet lightly, to remove dirt  and dead skin.

Pedicure at Home – Ultimate Guide

Time to Begin the12 steps to  Pedicure at Home

  1. Fill tub/bucket up with warm water, not too hot. 
  2. Add epson salt and soap and ket it lather up.
  3. Soak your feet in the epsom salt-infused bath of warm water for 5 minutes. 
  4. One at a time, remove foot and start filing the heels and underneath it again
  5. then, use the foot scrub to exfoliate excess dead skin rubbing in a circular motion. 
  6. Scrub between toes, the sides of your foot, ankle and underneath foot.
  7. Use a foot brush to wash the nails, then use the cuticle remover to pull out loose cuticles
  8. Once done, drain the water and rinse feet in clean water. 
  9. Rub body oil on your feet to lock in moisture. 
  10. then, get a steamed towel and wrap feet so steam can penetrate into skin for 3 minutes.
  11. Afterwards, grab a Sephora skincare serum filled socks and put in on for 20 - 30 minutes.
  12. Remove skincare socks an rub left over around feet and extend to legs if excess. 
And WOW! your feet should be looking and feeling like a 100!

Pedicure at Home – Ultimate Guide

After doing this Pedicure at Home myself, Mennn was my feet feeling good. I remember wearing slippers everywhere, didn’t want it to touch the floor. J Its been 5 days since I did it and my skin has shown no signs of ash. It still looks very hydrated and nourished, in other words HEALTHY!
Pedicure at Home – Ultimate Guide
Pedicure at Home – Ultimate Guide
After Pedicure at home

Thanks for reading this guide to doing a pedicure at home yourself like a pro. Let’s bring some life to our feet and stepping into the weekend like SUPERSTARS!



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