How I Connect with God to Survive and Thrive

You will show me the path of life: In thy presence
is fullness of Joy; at thy right hand there are
pleasures for evermore. 
(Psalm 16:11)

I'm a firm believer of every disappointment is a blessing. So many things that go wrong in my life, when I look back at it, I see the message or the lesson God was trying to teach me, or even save me from.

When something disappointing happens, like losing my job of instance, my usual reaction is to dwell in that moment. So I stop going out, lock myself up at home, eat less and then alienate myself. Everyone around me feels it because I change, I become more defensive, stressed, angrier and just not a happy person. I get more migraines from confusion, I start over thinking everything, becoming more fearful and anxious. All the things that give room for the devil to use me. oh! and I start breaking out! Stress is a M*F* Factor when it comes to reasons why I break out. I shared it on my Instagram page if you missed it.

But this time was different. I saw it happening, I saw myself falling into that sinking hole of sadness, but this time, I felt wiser. This time I was confident I had God by my side and saw the reason for the emptiness but I just couldn't see what was next. For many years I had moments where I fall into "depression" It's hard for people to believe because I am usually that happy, hyperactive girl. But usually when it happens, I talk to a few people about it, but don't feel better about the situation so I just runaway or find distractions till the storm passes. But this time I tell you was different. God had a plan for me and this time he wasn't going to let me just slip away and runaway from it. The one person I could have talked to about it, God created a shift in our relationship, so I wasn't able to open up about it. I even thought to talk to my pastor, but God said nope, come to me, your father with your problems, it's time we fix it. This time it was me and God and no-one else.

So this time I listened and I took it directly to God.

You see us as humans are very powerful beings. True power lies with the connection to God but we fail to go that route in times of trouble. We can control, conquer, manifest anything we want as long as you make God the center. You ask Him for what you want, then you believe, through faith, that he has giving you what you need, and then surrender to him and allow yourself to receive his goodness, his love and his mercy.

During the moment with God, I was able to really connect with Him and manifest great things into my life. Here are 5 steps I used to connecting with God in difficult situations. These steps have really helped me to grow and be more mindful and grateful and I am sure it will be helpful to you as well.

Steps  to Connecting to the God to Survive and Thrive 

Step 1
Prayer - Pray to God to take control of the situation you are in. There is nothing better that telling God about your problems. He doesn't judge you, he loves you more than anyone, he is a miracle worker, a way maker, he sheds light in darkness, who else is there to talk to about your situation than God, himself who doesn't not judge. You know that phrase, Let go and let God, This is where it falls under. Once you have giving your problems or dreams to God, let it go and believe he has got your back and will take care of it. But you have to do one thing, Believe. 

Step 2
Focus on the positive things happening in your life. Yes the problem is there, but it is a thing of the past because you have spoken to God, You have let it go and now you can channel your heart and focus something positive in your life. For instance, you lose your job. You can sit here and be sad, and carry that burden of applying to jobs everyday, panicking, being sad and miserable cos you got a rejection email. But seeking employment is not something you can control. I can count how many interviews I have been on and I thought wow, this is me, they'll call back and offer it to me, but next thing I get a call saying you're over-qualified.... How SWAY!!! But you see it's not my power to control it, I can only believe that something great is coming from God regarding that situation, so instead of being sad about the rejection, look at what is working in my life right now. I have a skincare blog, I can actually start building the content and be creative with it. I can write and post more articles weekly. I can even grow and start a new tab to help others who are trying to find inner peace and happiness. Remembering the positive things in your life gives you a reason to be happy every day. Stay in the light of positivity and believe that what you asked God for will soon be manifested in your life.

Step 3
Bring your Dreams to Life. When something happens off guard, sometimes you might think are disappointments, you have to look at it as an awakening. God is trying to show you something or take you somewhere that you might not know, but are ready for. It's only a disappointment in our minds because we were comfortable and we got shook, and at that point we are not looking at the bigger picture. So in this step, look at it as an opportunity to begin something you always wished to do. At work, I had so many if I didn't work, I will go to the gym more, If I didn't work, I will cook more or even blog more. but when the moment came, I froze and lived in panic. didn't do anything through out the day, besides apply for jobs and nervously wait by my phone for a phone interview. When I woke up and realized that God is giving me this time to grow, I buckled up and started working on progressing in all the things I had dreamed of. Blogging more, creating digital content and spending more time in getting to know me. What makes Mo Happy, what am I grateful for in life, how can I make Mo the best person she can be. I spent my time, reflecting and doing more.

Step 4
Open your heart and mind to receiving what you have asked for. You see this step has no timing. It happens the moment you start believing it is going to happen. This is the part most people, including myself find hard to do. Surrendering and waiting patiently to receive. In this moment is when you meditate more, picture the life you want, picture what you prayed for and believe whole heartedly that it is going to come to you, because it is yours. God has never failed me. Some things happen faster than others, and God knows exactly what I want, and when I need it. The power lies with the connection you have with God. So breath, meditate and have an open heart and mind ready to receive his grace.

Step 5
Gratitude. In all things, give thanks. We forget about all the good things because we are too focused on what is going on in our lives and forget to fill our minds and heart with gratitude. If you think you have nothing to be grateful for, think about the fact you are breathing, so many people didn't make it to  see the day, think about the fact you are walking, jumping and singing. Think about the fact you are able to read this blog and learn how to connect with God to survive and thrive during difficult times. You see, there is so much to be grateful for, so smile and be happy because the biggest gratitude is that GOD loves you and he is here for you no matter what! He is a way maker, miracle worker, the one who brings light to darkness. Yep! that alone fills my heart with Joy knowing he got me always.

Stay Positive always!



  1. WOW! this is really deep. I needed this at this very moment. God Bless You Mo.

  2. I absolutely love this! I am learning to stop worrying about things I have no control over.
    I seem to obsess over so much, I believe I end up with no energy to focus on the things I want to manifest in my life.
    This was so timely!

    1. thanks hun! its a journey, but the moment you start the closer you are to getting results. Writing a list and conquering one at a time, meaning don't start the other until you finish the one you are working on, will really help you to refocus your entry one one instead of being overwhelmed by so many things to do. Glad it helped.