Pre-Workout Skin Care - The 4- Step Guide

Working out without washing/ cleansing your face can make you breakout. The makeup, debris and dirt would mix in with your sweat and face producing oils, which would clog your pores and cause a havoc to your skin. Annoying right, I know! Like the amount of time we spend on our night routine isn’t enough!

But don’t worry, because Skin First Daily is here to simplify routines for us all, you can do it easily and quicker and have fabulous skin even after a work out session. We have devised this pre-workout 4 step guide to help you keep a clean and fresh face no matter how much you sweat at the gym.


Three Facial Serums I Can't Live Without.

Choosing the right serum to use is important. It targets specific concerns so your choice should be based on your skin type, the issue you are trying to correct or prevent and the ingredients found in them to combat those issues. I have used serums, to hydrate my skin, fade dark spots, stop breakouts and get a glowing complexion. Serums are designed to penetrate into your skin to treat the various skin conditions. I can't live without my serums!


3 easy ways to remove your makeup - For busy people

Hi Glow Buddies, 

I get it washing your face can be a hassle, but trust me it is totally worth it. Sleeping with makeup brings no good news. The makeup mixes with oil, sweat and dirt, clogs your pores which allows acne causing bacteria to spread and cause blemishes to erupt. Sleeping in your makeup also causes dehydration to your skin leaving it dry and cracked.

Glycolic Foaming Cleanser by Mario Badescu Review

You already know I love me some Mario Badescu. The product I am reviewing, Mario Badescu's glycolic foaming cleanser is designed to dissolve dulling dead skin cells, to help refine pores and retexturize uneven skin.

Here's a quick product review and how to use video of the Glycolic Foaming Cleanser by Mario Badescu;

Fun Times in Washington, DC.

I have been going to the DMV for many years and it's funny how I never went on the tours to the museums, White House and capitol area.

So, to start off the week of thanksgiving, I went to DC to visit family and spend some time with my cousin & aunt. I was able to squeeze in some time for some tourist things and it was amazing. We had so much fun, full of laughs, happiness and appreciation. Anyone who knows me, knows my family always comes first. So any time spent with them is always a moment of thanks and gratitude to God.