Fun Times in Washington, DC.

I have been going to the DMV for many years and it's funny how I never went on the tours to the museums, White House and capitol area.

So, to start off the week of thanksgiving, I went to DC to visit family and spend some time with my cousin & aunt. I was able to squeeze in some time for some tourist things and it was amazing. We had so much fun, full of laughs, happiness and appreciation. Anyone who knows me, knows my family always comes first. So any time spent with them is always a moment of thanks and gratitude to God. 

It was cold but we walked all around and saw really cool places and took some time to be mindful and take in all the beauty and the moment. I had some really cool videos and pictures on my Insta story, so follow me on instagram.

Here are some cool pics to sum up my day of wondering in DC for the first time after over 100 visits. :) 
Pej, Kay and I at the reflection pool in DC
Quick pose before going for brunch at Farmers, Fishers, Bakers

So much fun With our TIKI Drinks

Taking it all in!
I couldn't drop the TIKI enlighten it was soooo good! 
Goofing around 
We can be normal too
Peace, Love and Unity
Bruch time, Fall Colors
Such a beautiful building 

What's your favorite place in DC? 

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