Burning 1000+ Calories In One Gym Session

Hello there, Beautiful!
So of Late I have been on my fitness journey!
As of last week I weighed 170 -The most I have ever weighed in my whole entire life.
I know som people might say "relax its not that much" but when your body starts aching, you know its time to do something about it. My knees felt weak and also, I ran out of breath so easily.

CRYOTHERAPY: MY First Time Experience.

Thank God I chose to do this in the summer, being in a -260 degrees chamber for cryotherapy was FREEZING but the after effect felt amazing. Here's my experience.

Summer Lip Care | Like a PRO

Give me some Sugar, Sugar!
Yes, its summer time and the sexy pouts are out to play. Selfie anyone?!

Caring for your lips is important all year round, but in the summer, when its hot and humid, we tend to lick our lips more, which eventually cracks, peels and flakes our lips when it dries off.

My First Experience In An Infrared Sauna

Bun Baby Burn!

I love sweating. Partly because I 'm a summer baby and the other reason is because in my mind when I sweat, I feel like Im losing some kind of weight. (Its all mental). But to be real, sweating makes me feel good and does great things to my skin. I mean think of all the other activities that bring a lot of sweat, you feel amazing afterwards.

How To Use Sheet Masks Like a PRO

Here are the proper steps to use sheet masks like a pro.

How To Get Rid Of Body Acne - Tried & Tested

For someone who tries everything in the books to get rid of acne, I was alarmed when the acne reducing on my face, but started appearing on my chest and back. My face reacts to synthetic hair and the after math is always a blow-out of acne on my face. Little did I know that my back was also reacting to it, and all of a sudden it spread to my chest. SIGH

Natural Ways to Boost your Energy Level

Finding natural ways to boost your energy level is easy but not commonly used by most. Most people revert to coffee. Sigh

I'm not a coffee drinker, because I've seen people, especially in the workforce crave coffee every single day, relying on it to provide an energy boost to last them all day at work. I personally don't like anything that seems like an addiction.

Exfoliating with a Spin Brush for Radiant Skin | Review: Spin Spa Bath Brush "As seen on TV"

Exfoliating with the Spin Spa Body Brush just made my skin more radiant and my shower hour, even LONGER! 💃💃💃💃

Reviewing Spin Spa Body Brush.

I have been using this Spin Spa Body Brush from "As seen on TV" for two months now and yes I loooove It. It comes with 5 attachments so you pick what spa treatment you want whenever!!



Armpit Detox

When I start sweating more than usual, I like to do a quick armpit detox to help release the toxins and allow the armpit breath! 

I think this is something everyone should do. It definitely makes a big difference. Deodorant often contains chemicals like parabens, propylene glycol and other harmful chemicals. Watch the video to find out more details about the armpit detox and what to do pre, during and post armpit detox.

I TESTED A FOOT PEEL MASK! | PUREDERM Exfoliating foot mask

PUREDERM Exfoliating foot peel mask Is a foot mask that removes all dead skinned calluses, and revealing baby soft and fresh skin. 


Smart Swab Ear Wax Remover tool - Review | Better than Q-Tips?

Smart Swab Ear Wax Remover tool is a tool created to help remove ear wax in a 'healthier" way. It claims to remove more ear wax that a cotton bud/Qtip. So we put it to the test...

Battle Of The Best: Makeup Remover | GARNIER MICELLAR WATER VS CLINIQUE "Take The Day Off"

The Best Make Up Remover

So today, I am coming to you guys raw and unglamed because it is the end of the day after partying and my makeup is so worn and I am SO READY to remove it. I just started making a conscious effort to wipe off my make up before actually cleansing my face. I have noticed that this step has really allowed my cleansers work better and my pores are less clogged.

Today, we will be comparing two really good make up removers; the Garnier Micellar Cleansing water VS Clinique "take your day off" Makeup remover, to see which works effortlessly!

Violent Lips - Lip Tattoo - Buy it or Trash it?

Violent Lips - Pink Cheetah

So I had my friend Nile come test out this Violent Lips with me. It was such a fun video we tried it, tested it and came up with a verdict for it. 

Should you buy its or should we trash it??? Find out in the video below;

My Lip Tint Pack by BERRISOM Review - Peel Off Lip Stain

Say goodbye to worrying about your lip color rubbing off or having to re-apply throughout the day.

My lip tint pack by Berrisom - peel off lip stain is a Korean beauty product that you apply on the lips and then peel off to get a long lasting lip stain. This peel off tint is suppose to be a painless process, create an even color lip stain and last for up to 12 hours. This peel off tint sounds intriguing and I definitely was excited to try it. Here's my experience using My lip tint pack by Berrisom - peel off lip stain, enjoy.

Things I do to be happy and stay happy...always!

"There are Souls in this world who have the gift of finding Joy 
wherever they go! " ― Frederick William Faber

I get this a lot;
Mo, how come your always happy? or Mo, I love being around you because you are just full of life!
When people tell me this I start laughing because I know all I had to do to stay in this state of mind. I remember last year people would ask me, what do you want out of life, and I would say to them, "I just want to be HAPPY!" and I meant it.  Many people feel they need something – more money, new clothes, better relationships – to make them happy. but really, happiness is within us. Sometimes life threw curve balls my way that just makes me sad, or depressed and just really down. But last year, I made a decision that no matter what, I will find my happiness, live in my happiness and be my happiest! So I found myself on a journey to training my mind to be Happy! Here's how I did it and I hope you find it helpful.


Like most of you skincare junkies, I have been looking for the best product that can get rid of dark spots quickly. There are so many products that claim they brighten or fade dark spots but most of them have hydroquinol in it, which is a bleaching agent and most people want to stay away from. Also I know its easy to just get a few peels and let the dark spot peel off with the layer of skin the peel removes.


Who Knew Chopping All My Hair Off Would Be So Liberating!

Do you know how ballzy it is to come home after work one day, grab your roommate and tell her, “I want you to cut off all my hair right now!” Yes that was what I did. I remember just being so frustrated with my hair. My hair was all types of lengths, I had cut it in so many styles that now it was just a hot mess. Had a lot going through my mind, borderline stressed and I remember washing my hair and it was so tangled that my scalp hurt so bad. 




You don't have to be younger to look younger!

Microcurrent is a rave in the skincare world and it seems to be very effective based on reviews by those who own one and those who give it. Hi Aestheticians!

For those who don't know what a microcurrent tool is, it's a facial tool that stimulates new production of collagen, lifts the face and returns the youthful tone back to the skin. It's a proven technology that has worked over the years, non-surgical, pain free and natural technique that takes years off the face, simple treatment and can be conducted at home using a home facial device or you can get it done at your next aesthetician visit.

In as little as 5-10 minutes a day, you are granted to see results such as reduction in the appearance of fine line, dark circles, skin elasticity, puffiness and wrinkles. micro-current can also be used as a preventative treatment.


SKINemies! Things that are damaging our skin and how to prevent it!

So this weekend, I was with a group of people I just met, and they were all trying to figure out my age… I made them guess and they all said 23ish… okay the oldest age they said was 25! Whatttt I took that as a big complement. It means my skincare routines + Genes are A-OKay!

When people ask me why I’m so into skincare I always say I want to look young forever, so if I start now, I am one step ahead of nature. And yes this is true;  skincare helps with antiaging, lines, wrinkles and the more you use preventive methods and products the less likely you would see them.


Flower & Tonic Mask by Mario Badescu | Mask Monday

HAPPY MLK HOLIDAY! finally brought back SFD MASK MONDAYS! yes this is the segment where I feature my favorite facial Masks and basically review them or tell you why its so awesome or maybe I'll feature some that are just not worth your money. But yes! so happy its back. I try to mask every week or twice a week and I love to use different types depending on my skin condition! 


Best Products for Dry Skin

Dry Skin? Yep, I totally understand. This winter has been really brutal, very cold and very drying. But don't worry we've got some tips on what to use to get your skin to restore moisture, give your skin that healthy, plump look and feel it deserves and say no more to skin cracks and dry patches in these bitterly cold times.

Check out this video to find out why these products are highly recommended. Don't forget everything on SKIN FIRST DAILY has been tried, tested, appreciated and now is being recommended!