Who Knew Chopping All My Hair Off Would Be So Liberating!

Do you know how ballzy it is to come home after work one day, grab your roommate and tell her, “I want you to cut off all my hair right now!” Yes that was what I did. I remember just being so frustrated with my hair. My hair was all types of lengths, I had cut it in so many styles that now it was just a hot mess. Had a lot going through my mind, borderline stressed and I remember washing my hair and it was so tangled that my scalp hurt so bad. 




You don't have to be younger to look younger!

Microcurrent is a rave in the skincare world and it seems to be very effective based on reviews by those who own one and those who give it. Hi Aestheticians!

For those who don't know what a microcurrent tool is, it's a facial tool that stimulates new production of collagen, lifts the face and returns the youthful tone back to the skin. It's a proven technology that has worked over the years, non-surgical, pain free and natural technique that takes years off the face, simple treatment and can be conducted at home using a home facial device or you can get it done at your next aesthetician visit.

In as little as 5-10 minutes a day, you are granted to see results such as reduction in the appearance of fine line, dark circles, skin elasticity, puffiness and wrinkles. micro-current can also be used as a preventative treatment.


SKINemies! Things that are damaging our skin and how to prevent it!

So this weekend, I was with a group of people I just met, and they were all trying to figure out my age… I made them guess and they all said 23ish… okay the oldest age they said was 25! Whatttt I took that as a big complement. It means my skincare routines + Genes are A-OKay!

When people ask me why I’m so into skincare I always say I want to look young forever, so if I start now, I am one step ahead of nature. And yes this is true;  skincare helps with antiaging, lines, wrinkles and the more you use preventive methods and products the less likely you would see them.


Flower & Tonic Mask by Mario Badescu | Mask Monday

HAPPY MLK HOLIDAY! finally brought back SFD MASK MONDAYS! yes this is the segment where I feature my favorite facial Masks and basically review them or tell you why its so awesome or maybe I'll feature some that are just not worth your money. But yes! so happy its back. I try to mask every week or twice a week and I love to use different types depending on my skin condition! 


Best Products for Dry Skin

Dry Skin? Yep, I totally understand. This winter has been really brutal, very cold and very drying. But don't worry we've got some tips on what to use to get your skin to restore moisture, give your skin that healthy, plump look and feel it deserves and say no more to skin cracks and dry patches in these bitterly cold times.

Check out this video to find out why these products are highly recommended. Don't forget everything on SKIN FIRST DAILY has been tried, tested, appreciated and now is being recommended!