You don't have to be younger to look younger!

Microcurrent is a rave in the skincare world and it seems to be very effective based on reviews by those who own one and those who give it. Hi Aestheticians!

For those who don't know what a microcurrent tool is, it's a facial tool that stimulates new production of collagen, lifts the face and returns the youthful tone back to the skin. It's a proven technology that has worked over the years, non-surgical, pain free and natural technique that takes years off the face, simple treatment and can be conducted at home using a home facial device or you can get it done at your next aesthetician visit.

In as little as 5-10 minutes a day, you are granted to see results such as reduction in the appearance of fine line, dark circles, skin elasticity, puffiness and wrinkles. micro-current can also be used as a preventative treatment.

I mean doesn't that sound amazing !

How do you use it?

Notable benefits of having a Microcurrent Massager

- Battery operated, no tangling cords.
- Safe, can be performed at home.
- Usually, no downtime or adverse skin reaction.
- No pain or discomfort.
- Short treatment time of 10 min daily will bring noticeable results (with regular use).

Long Term Benefits of Using a Microcurrent Massager

Microcurrent application with simultaneous massage brings about the most notable effects of Microcurrent which is:

- It restores the natural contours of your face
- Removes toxins - lymphatic drainage
- Increases oxygen circulation
- Reduces fine lines and wrinkles of the face
- It firms and tones the face and neck muscles
- It nourishes and hydrates the appearance of the skin
- it helps with treatment of jaws, eyelids, double chins.
- It promotes metabolism and activates skin cells, giving radiance and elasticity to the skin.

Tool I'm using : Prosepra Micro Current Pulse Eye and Face Massager
Other options I'm considering getting more for contouring and higher frequency: Nuface Mini 

Would you consider using/adding Microcurrent to your daily skincare routine?

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