SKINemies! Things that are damaging our skin and how to prevent it!

So this weekend, I was with a group of people I just met, and they were all trying to figure out my age… I made them guess and they all said 23ish… okay the oldest age they said was 25! Whatttt I took that as a big complement. It means my skincare routines + Genes are A-OKay!

When people ask me why I’m so into skincare I always say I want to look young forever, so if I start now, I am one step ahead of nature. And yes this is true;  skincare helps with antiaging, lines, wrinkles and the more you use preventive methods and products the less likely you would see them.

Prevention is always better than cure!
Regardless of the products we use there are just some enemies of progress in skincare, I call SKINEMIES! This can be from natural uncontrolled elements and also habits that we do or have regularly. The sooner we are aware of them the easier it is to prevent it or stay away from it.
We want to maintaining healthy and beautiful skin. But the first thing we should do is to identify and then avoid those things that can cause damages to your skin.  So, lets dive in to what these SKENEMIES are;
THE SUN - Sigh, we can run but we can’t hide from it. It's a big skinemy for unprotected skin. The sun rays not only causes cancer, but can cause major effects such as discoloration, dullness, loss of elasticity, mess up the texture of our skin and wrinkles. The best way to avoid this is easy, using sunscreen always! Even if you are not going out, if sunlight comes into your house, use sunscreen. The rays are really strong and bad for our skin.

POOR DIET - Some of us love our food, our carbs and its hard to refrain from it. I am Nigerian and unfortunately most of our food are full of carbs. And it doesn’t help with all the hormones they inject in the animal produce we eat in America. SIGH. What people don’t realize is that the fats and hormones really mess up our circulations, so to make better food choices, it's best to pick ones with good amount of nutrients, as organic as possible such as fruits and veggies which provide the body with vitality and nutrients to clear and improve the skin. What you take in always shows on the outside (the body) eventually.

STRESS - Okay, If you follow me on instagram, you will know that I breakout a lot when I am stressed. Your skin and hair are big indicators of your well being. When you get stressed it takes an impact on your skin. Try to meditate and become mindful and present in your situation. Being present and accepting the situation really help you to calm down from stressing (we stress mainly about the unknown), find solutions and restore your mental state which then relaxes your body and improves your skin.

SLEEPLESSNESS - Okay, raise your hand if you have less than 6 hours of sleep occasionally. I know I do, and it takes a toll on me in the long run. Being tired and not giving your body the rest it needs stresses out the skin and body and eventually starts to show. Everyone, depending on their bodies and lifestyle need about 8- 10 hours of sleep to really function and be alert. Its not a joke when people say they need their beauty sleep, its because sleep gets rid of bags, dark circles and dullness. Sleeping is a way for your body to generate new skin. So please let it do its job and sleeeppppp!

DEHYDRATION - Our body needs water! Yep heard that a lot of times, so I try to have at least 5 glasses of water a day. I don’t think water stops you from being dry, thats different, but definitely our skin looks so much healthier when we drink water. Unfortunately it hurts for me to say this cos I love my wines and my cocktails but alcohol can be very dehydrating on the skin. Ever had a drunk night and you wake up thirsty as hell and your face just looks sucked up and dry and dull. Yep alcohol is a major factor, so my advise for you is to always drink water after every glass of alcohol. Not only would it help to prevent dehydration it also prevents you from being hung over the next day. YAS!

OUR HANDS - Yes! you don't realize half the crap you touch that are disgusting! Touching our faces is one of the major reasons most people breakout. We touch all types of dirts and when we rub it on our faces which is producing oil, and the oil and dirt mix together, it births PIMPLES! Aghhh but true. Also most times we tend to pick on the acne without consciously doing it. Our hands can be very bad for our skin, so try to keep them away from your face!

SMOKING - I don’t smoke, but this is also a bad skinemy that basically eats up your vitamin C. See thats already a no no for me cos I love my Vitamin C. It causes wrinkles, lines and messes up your collagen production. This is a NO No for our skin.

INCONSISTENCY WITH WEIGHTS (gain/loss) - The stressing of our skin back and forth when we gain and lose weight often causes a lot of stretch marks and also cellulite. I don’t know if you are aware but stretch marks is one of the hardest skin enemy to get rid of. So we have to be mindful of that to have good, marketing free skin.

WEATHER - Focusing on winter, when the air is dry and cold causes parched and thirsty skin and dry skin can lead to a massive break out. To prevent this it is best to use a hydrating facial mist through out the day. 

Okay, Im done for now. I’m sure I might have missed out on others, if you want to share, please share it in the comment box.

Always remember that by 20, you have the skin you inherited; by age 40, you have the skin you deserve; and by age 60, you have the skin you’ve earned! (Skincare)! Whether you need to maintain your skin, preserve your skin, or repair your skin, the time is now!

Lets love our skin always!
Cheers to glowing skin



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