Like most of you skincare junkies, I have been looking for the best product that can get rid of dark spots quickly. There are so many products that claim they brighten or fade dark spots but most of them have hydroquinol in it, which is a bleaching agent and most people want to stay away from. Also I know its easy to just get a few peels and let the dark spot peel off with the layer of skin the peel removes.

I randomly saw the Take Care Spot by Milky Dress on mask sheets.com and the description was very enticing "treat the dark spot anywhere anytime" sounds catchy for someone who is trying to get rid of dark spots right and the price point was amazing. It was on sale for $5 whattt! so yes I bought it and figured its worth the try.

The packaging says:

Some reviews I saw before I purchased it, that set expectations where that some people could see a change in their pimple marks in one week. some said after only serval days of using the product, they were able to see a huge improvement in there dark spots and blemishes.

My Review

So I received the product and in the mail within a week and amongst others, I decided to start using this right away. So bottom line to cut to the chase... no need for stories, it DIDNT WORK!. I used the product for 3 weeks - a month every morning and night and sad to say, there were no changes in my dark spot, not even a slight fade.

So lets just say TRASH IT! and don't look back at it.

Just being Honest!




  1. Hi babe I totally agree with your review.. Seen it on Althea Korea ❤ read the comment section and almost all are positive comments.. purchased it and yeah nothing happens😕

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