Things I do to be happy and stay happy...always!

"There are Souls in this world who have the gift of finding Joy 
wherever they go! " ― Frederick William Faber

I get this a lot;
Mo, how come your always happy? or Mo, I love being around you because you are just full of life!
When people tell me this I start laughing because I know all I had to do to stay in this state of mind. I remember last year people would ask me, what do you want out of life, and I would say to them, "I just want to be HAPPY!" and I meant it.  Many people feel they need something – more money, new clothes, better relationships – to make them happy. but really, happiness is within us. Sometimes life threw curve balls my way that just makes me sad, or depressed and just really down. But last year, I made a decision that no matter what, I will find my happiness, live in my happiness and be my happiest! So I found myself on a journey to training my mind to be Happy! Here's how I did it and I hope you find it helpful.

1)  I start my day with Gratitude

Every morning, and I mean EVERY MORNING! the moment I wake up, I star thanking God that I can move my feet, my hands, I can smile because He gave me the power to do so. Then I start with what I am grateful for; usually it is the same things or sometimes its influenced by things happening to me at the moment. So I am grateful for God's love and favor, my family, happiness, for my job, my career, Skin First Daily, the people in my life.

What this does is it automatically puts me in a happy mood. I'm starting my day thinking of all the things that make me happy. It's a very powerful tool to setting my mood for the rest of the day.

2) Cultivate a positive environment by using positive affirmations and Morning Mantras to help me deal with the day.

Usually when I am in the bathroom or by a mirror, (usually doing my morning face routine), I start reminding myself of who I am, how strong I am, how far I have come and where I am headed. I also remind myself that everything that happens in my life today, whether good or bad is not suppose kill me but to make me stronger. So now, I have placed an expectation that anything can happen both good or bad, so I have to embrace myself and be prepared to make lemonades from the lemons life can throw.  Sometimes I watch a motivation youtube video that really creates a burst of energy or I play a gospel song that is fast tempo. For some reason, gospel music really gets me excited and turnt with positivity.

3) Live in the present.

After picking up meditation, I learned the art of living in the present. This is basically accepting all that is both good and bad and not allowing it to dictate your future. For example, I remember being super stressed about not having a job, so my mind is racing, I've got bills,  I'm going through my email 100 times a day, I'm being very unproductive cos all I'm doing is aggressively looking and my life was just becoming a shit show. It was when I started meditating that I was able to set all my problems in front of me, without panicking and letting my mind understand that this is all racing because of the fear of the unknown. If I don't find a job, what will happen? So once I was able to bring everything to the present, I was able to accept what was happening in my life, and then really plan my day properly and know that there would always be life after, so instead of wasting my life away nervous, chanel that energy on something I love, so I did. I remember I focused on building Skin First Daily. I came up with a strategy for content and really zoned in on what I wanted from SFD and how much it brought me joy. I got so excited creating content, that at one point, I was ready to quit job hunting and just blog full time.

4) Fight fear with... I CAN. 

To be honest, I woke up one day and said I will never let fear hold me back again. When something triggers fear in me, I tackle it full on. I'm training my mind to remember always that with God by my side, I can do all things! therefore I CAN. This has really helped me with so many areas in my life.

5) Give LOVE to others.

Well, through kindness, helping others, listening more and boosting others moods. There is no other route to happiness that is more exciting than seeing someone smile because of something I said, or did for them. I have learned to help as much as I can and be there for people as best as I can. But at the same not letting it take a toll on me.

The most effective thing that I have done to remain happy is I started loving myself more. I put myself first. For me to do any of the top 5 things, I have to always make sure I am okay always!

I really enjoy doing this things, it's a routine for me. Even at night, I write in a notebook how my day was, new ideas,  lessons I learned and what right now will make me happy. And some nights I actually write, I feel content. Of cos some nights I'm needy, but overall life is amazing when you finally get to your happy place! Stay Happy and Grateful.

What will make you truly happy right now? 



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