Smart Swab Ear Wax Remover tool - Review | Better than Q-Tips?

Smart Swab Ear Wax Remover tool is a tool created to help remove ear wax in a 'healthier" way. It claims to remove more ear wax that a cotton bud/Qtip. So we put it to the test...

Battle Of The Best: Makeup Remover | GARNIER MICELLAR WATER VS CLINIQUE "Take The Day Off"

The Best Make Up Remover

So today, I am coming to you guys raw and unglamed because it is the end of the day after partying and my makeup is so worn and I am SO READY to remove it. I just started making a conscious effort to wipe off my make up before actually cleansing my face. I have noticed that this step has really allowed my cleansers work better and my pores are less clogged.

Today, we will be comparing two really good make up removers; the Garnier Micellar Cleansing water VS Clinique "take your day off" Makeup remover, to see which works effortlessly!

Violent Lips - Lip Tattoo - Buy it or Trash it?

Violent Lips - Pink Cheetah

So I had my friend Nile come test out this Violent Lips with me. It was such a fun video we tried it, tested it and came up with a verdict for it. 

Should you buy its or should we trash it??? Find out in the video below;