Battle Of The Best: Makeup Remover | GARNIER MICELLAR WATER VS CLINIQUE "Take The Day Off"

The Best Make Up Remover

So today, I am coming to you guys raw and unglamed because it is the end of the day after partying and my makeup is so worn and I am SO READY to remove it. I just started making a conscious effort to wipe off my make up before actually cleansing my face. I have noticed that this step has really allowed my cleansers work better and my pores are less clogged.

Today, we will be comparing two really good make up removers; the Garnier Micellar Cleansing water VS Clinique "take your day off" Makeup remover, to see which works effortlessly!

It's always good to know which one is THE BEST! Check out the video below to find out which one you should be investing your money in.

Enjoy & Thank me later;

In conclusion, besides the fact that both makeup removers are great options, Micellar water works with all skin types and I find the Clinique a bit more drying for me.

Whats your favorite Makeup Remover?


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