Exfoliating with a Spin Brush for Radiant Skin | Review: Spin Spa Bath Brush "As seen on TV"

Exfoliating with the Spin Spa Body Brush just made my skin more radiant and my shower hour, even LONGER! 💃💃💃💃

Reviewing Spin Spa Body Brush.

I have been using this Spin Spa Body Brush from "As seen on TV" for two months now and yes I loooove It. It comes with 5 attachments so you pick what spa treatment you want whenever!!

I bought it at Duane Read in NJ for $19.99 + Tax
Where to get it: HERE Price: $9.88

Lets talk about the basics.

- It is powered by 3 AA batteries
- It has a hook so you can hang it after using it the bathroom.
- Long handle so u can get a good grip and reach different areas of your body.
- it has different power strength so you can use it on low or high.
- And the most important, it has 5 easy to attach heads that you can use from your neck down to your feet.

So Now Lets Talk about the Spin Spa Body Brush Heads.

There are 5 heads;

1 - The Stone Brush Head. This is used on the feet, for the feet. Removes dead skin and calluses. Although it has it has the bristle of a brush, it is gentle and can be used to give a little foot massage while exfoliating.

2- The Cleansing Brush Head. This is great for dry brushing, but when wet is great for removing dead skin that can be tough to come off with a loofah.

3 - The Massage Cleansing Brush Head. This is my favorite head, because it vibrates while you use it.... Get your mind out of the gutter! lol. This head gives gentle massages you can use on pressure points on your body especially after a good workout. It helps with blood circulation so I use it alot on my thighs and places where I see cellulite.

4 - The Microdermabrasion Head. This almost works as a buffer. It is a nice textured exfoliator that helps to remove dead skin and is great to use when combating bacon and chest acne.

5 -The Poof Mesh Sponge Head. This is great for every day use. it absorbs your soap well and is very gentle on the body. It feels more like your regular goofy sponge but with a spin. It also allows soap to lather well.

So What Are The PROs of Having and Using Spin Spa Body Brush? 

- It works great with liquid soap. I had a fear of it splashing everywhere but it didn't.

- The long handle helps me reach places I have difficulty; like my back and lower leg. Can now reach without stretching too hard. 

- The fact t it has multiple heads that all do different things is amazing. So you get options depending on what treatment your body needs.

- The heads move fast enough to do a good scrub. The power in the scrub actually is just enough to get the work done. 

- I feel extra clean after using it. You know that clean feeling when you just have to bring out new pajamas just to match your mood.. YASS!!

So What Are The CONs of Having and Using Spin Spa Body Brush?

- Battery operated. It's so annoying because I have to remove the battery after every use. I don't want it to get messed up with water. Also because I love chargeable things (just a personal preference).

- Also, I spend more time in the shower - It's more of a con for my water bill lol


The Spin Spa Bath Brush really does give you a spa feeling after using it. I love the fact it comes with multiple head at such a price, it makes me feel like im getting more for my money, which is a win! It's great for lazy people or on lazy days, minimal stretching and easy to reach all areas of your body. It's powerful enough to give a really good scrub. I have been using it for two months now, almost every day and I haven't had to change the battery. Again, I remove the battery from the product after every use. It just doesn't sit well with me to leave water and battery together.

Rate it - 8/10

I recommend the Spin Spa Body Brush and it is a must have at home if you really want that spa feeling after every shower. I have been hooked on it since I bought it. I need to do better with using all the heads per week. I seem to use more of the massage cleansing brush head and the stone brush head more often, You know I just got my feet rejuvenated, so I give it some TLC often - Click here to watch the video). I use the massage head more almost every day. but the mesh head every other day. Gave it an 8 solely for the fact we have to buy battery separate and it isn't included in the box. (Another spend...sigh).

I bought it at Duane Reade in NJ for $19.99 + Tax
Where to get it: HERE Price: $9.88
Thanks for reading my review on The Spin Spa Bath Brush. What do you think? Does the Spin Spa Bath Brush seem like something you would want to invest in and purchase as well?

Let me know in the comment box below!

See you in the next post. Peace and love.



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