How To Get Rid Of Body Acne - Tried & Tested

For someone who tries everything in the books to get rid of acne, I was alarmed when the acne reducing on my face, but started appearing on my chest and back. My face reacts to synthetic hair and the after math is always a blow-out of acne on my face. Little did I know that my back was also reacting to it, and all of a sudden it spread to my chest. SIGH

For those of you who have experienced body acne, you know they are tiny, painful and not cute especially when you want to put on certain outfits.

When mine started I thought it was just the hair, then I even did some detox to see if it would reduce it, then I thought it was from washing my hair, maybe I didnt rinse off the conditioner from my body, which then infected my hair follicles, so did a full body scrub. But none of that seemed to work.

I remembered a few years back when I had some body acne issues, an aesthetician in Nigeria had recommended I use VI Derm Body wash and body lotion. And that it is great for getting rid of dark spots and body acne. I used it before and I remember my skin looking so much better afterwards, so I decided to order it again. I found it on amazon. I was stoked!

VI Derm Body Wash 
VI Exfoliating Body Lotion

So I decided to pair it up with a super strength acid exfoliator that targets congested skin, the Nip & FAB Glycolic FIX night pads. 

VI Derm Ingredients 

Azelaic Acid - Fades dark spots 
15% Glycolic Acid - Fights & prevents acne 
Antioxidants - Promotes healthier skin

How I cleared my BODY ACNE

So in the mornings,  I showered with the VI Derm body wash. After patting myself dry, I would use the VI Derm Exfoliating body lotion and spray sunscreen before going to work.

In the evenings, I would shower with the VI Derm body wash and a loofah and then pat myself dry. After, I use the Nip & FAB Glycolic FIX night pads to wipe the area (my chest and my back), let it dry off and then lotion my whole body with the VI Derm body lotion.


In 3 weeks I noticed the acne stopped popping new ones and in two weeks, my skin felt so smooth, and there was no more body acne in sight! I KNOW ! How amazing. I plan to continue using this to to see if all the dark spot fades away. I do notice that it started fading already. They aren't as dark as they initially were.

I didn't know if these products together were going to work, I really was just testing it out, and I am thrilled because summer is here and I am all about the off shoulder, neck and chest out shirts! yes!!

If you suffer from body acne, I do recommend to trying this combo out!

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