My First Experience In An Infrared Sauna

Bun Baby Burn!

I love sweating. Partly because I 'm a summer baby and the other reason is because in my mind when I sweat, I feel like Im losing some kind of weight. (Its all mental). But to be real, sweating makes me feel good and does great things to my skin. I mean think of all the other activities that bring a lot of sweat, you feel amazing afterwards.

I had a traditional sauna in my old apartment, and I used it at least once a month or at most once a week, or for 30 minutes after working out, to sweat out the water weight. I had heard and researched  the infrared sauna and its benefits but never really wanted to pay to use it until this great opportunity came about then I jumped on the opportunity.

10 minutes in the infrared sauna

What's the Hype about Infrared Sauna 

Infrared Sauna heats your body fast. Even though its at a lower temperature from traditional coal saunas, It uses heaters that emit the same rays as the sun but without the harmful UV rays that causes cancer, etc. It is usually used on athletes as a form of therapy during training. to help with blood circulation, lower blood pressure, release toxins from the skin and much more.

How I got to do it for FREE! You can too! 

I booked a 60-min Infrared Session from Class Pass. Since I don't have a sauna anymore, I asked my friend what are ways to do fun exercise classes and she recommended I check out Class Pass. Listen! I love the idea of class pass. I Really do. Like you can do treatments, you can do gym sessions, you can do all types of classes; yoga, wellness, dance, martial arts classes all for less than 100 a month. So I did a free trial which gave me 35 credits for one week. and I was able to book 5 FREE classes. And yes Infrared sauna was one of them.

My Infrared Sauna Experience. What it felt like. 

It was in a gym in Williamsburg called Brooklyn Athletic Club. The Sauna space was in a private area, with a shower, bathroom and a sink, so it was just you in it. Loved the privacy. Got there 10 minutes before my scheduled hour, everything is already set up, so the sauna is nice and hot when you walk in. I brought my speakers, so I had like light jazz playing in the background to give a really relaxed atmosphere. after about 5 min the light shut off outside of the sauna and it gave a nice dim feel.

10 minutes into sitting in the Infrared sauna, I started dripping sweat. It was a weird feeling, because it was not uncomfortable heat, like my throat didn't get dry, it was just good heat but I was sweating way more than usual. I haven't sweat this much since when I hid my report card from my mum, and she found out and told me at school "when you get home, I will deal with you!" hard times!lol

By the 30 minutes mark, I was sweating in every single area of my body, my shin, my legs, my boobs, everywhere I normally don't sweat, started sweating. Also I noticed, my body felt good. I had worked out at TRAMPOLEAN the day before and I wasn't as sore anymore. My legs felt fine. my back was a little bit sore, but wasn't as bad as the morning of.

By the time I was done I felt lighter, like I had sweat off a lot of water weight, my body was covered in sweat. Did I mention I went in there fully naked with just panties. I jumped out of t after my 60 min mark and went straight into the shower. I had brought with me, my body scrub and face scrub with my argon body oil, so I scrubbed in the shower afterwards and then oiled up, so that the skin can get all the nutrients of my pure argon oil, since my pores are wide opened. I must say, my skin looked shining, like I looked much brighter, I felt lighter and my belly bloat was gone. It was so worth it, cos I made sure to wear my brightness, by dressing cute all day. (pic at the end of post)

How much does Infrared Sauna usually cost.

Usually it cost around $60 - $80 in class pass it is only 10 credits. But the cool part is if you click my link you get $40 off your Class Pass membership. and you can get 35 free credits as well on the free trial plan! whaaaat yep! thats such a sweet deal.

Do I recommend it?

I mean you read it, right? OF COS! yes! totally recommend it. I f I could I would do a 60 min session every week! But since I don't have a free spa in my building anymore. I will go with monthly. Once a month will do.

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