CRYOTHERAPY: MY First Time Experience.

Thank God I chose to do this in the summer, being in a -260 degrees chamber for cryotherapy was FREEZING but the after effect felt amazing. Here's my experience.

SO Cyrotherapy is a treatment that puts you in a chamber chilled with liquid nitrogen to below 200 degrees Fahrenheit, to heal aches and pains, boost your immune system, reduce cellulite and burn some calories. 

YES! 200 Degrees!! ----- It was cold AF!! but you already know why I was there, for the burning calories and reducing cellulite.

 A lot of celebrities have used it and even lifestyle and skincare bloggers such as Hannah Brofman and The Skinny Confidential that motivated me to go try it out and see if it was worth the hype. It was also interesting to see through researching that people really LOVE cryotherapy, and I couldn’t wait to get it done, so I booked a session using class pass free trial. 

Class pass allows you to get 35 credits and one week of trying classes in different places.  So this session was 10 credits and normally a session at Vitality NYC is about $45 but again, Class Pass trial is FREEEE. I love the sound of Free, especially living in NYC where everything is sooo expensive. 

SO, I arrived at Vitality NYC located in Manhattan. I was surprised to see the set up, it looked really nice and clean and had other treatments , like an infrared sauna and colonic cleansing. The front desk assistant (Cant remember his name) was so welcoming as soon as I walked through the door. I told him this was my first time and he took his time to ensure I was comfortable with it and explained each step along the way.

When you walk in you sign in and sign the terms and condition sheet. Once your done they take you to a room to change into a robe, you can go into the cyro chamber with a bra and panties, but ensure it has no wire or metal or you can just go commando. Yep, I chose commando took everything including jewelry off. And then, they give you socks and thermal lightweight boots to keep your toes warm through out the duration. And also they give you two gloves to keep your little finger bones warm.

Once you’re done they take you to the solo chamber you get in close the door and remove the robe. So now you are NAKED and about to have the nitrogen cold mist start coming out straight to your skin.The floor moves upwards so your head pops out and your body is aligned to the mist shooters. 

When it started I Told the attendant “ this isn’t too bad” and he said to me “ ohh it starts off low and gradually increases so your body can get used to the temperature.” I was like ohhhh kay. Next thing you know, I start feeling the freezing tingles, I was like  “Oh my it is getting COLD”. Before I knew it, I looked up at the thermostat and it says -260 degrees.  He told me to move around a bit and just step side to side or turn around to create some body heat, but that did not work. All of a sudden 3 min in the chamber felt like 30 min in my mind.

It weird because it doesn’t feel bad at all, I guess I was just really nervous about freezing. SO it was kind of a mind over matter. I yelled out “Im FREEZING” and he said “And Your Done” 3 min geez. Def felt like 30 min. 

When I got out of the chamber, I felt full of energy. I had this feel good energy, like a little high on life energy, it felt good. 

I also noticed my abs where a little sore from working out and that soreness had reduced a lot, could barely notice the pain. I really felt great. I got dressed, stepped back in the blazing sun and my body felt good, not as dehydrated as I was coming in. It was a great day, ended up at Made Hotel NYC’s Roof top, had some drinks with some friends and went for dinner at this Italian restaurant that served the best pasta I have had in years! Yumz. 

Overall, Cyrotherapy was an awesome treatment, in one use, I felt some results and it's definitely a treatment I would love try again, but next time relax my nerves before going in.

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