Is A Face Shield Better Protection Than A Face Mask?

Now that we are opening up to PHASE 4, and indoor gathering at work, church & restaurants are going to be allowed💃🏽! I had to figure out which way is best to stay #protected! A FACE MASK, FACE SHIELD OR BOTH? 🤔In my latest youtube video, I put them all to the candle test 🕯


The Best Pamper Day Routine To Feel Better Instantly | At Home Full Body

I definitely needed this self care day. 2020 got me all Tired OUT. But we can't let it mess up our days. Here's how I press the RESET BUTTON and flip my day from tired to energetic! I had so much fun filming this video as you'll see. PLS PLS Don’t forget to take some time off to take care of yourself and stay positive and in better spirit! love y'all. Stay blessed! Enjoy the video!

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