30 Day Challenge

Do you want radiant, glowing, acne-free skin? 
Then this 30 Day challenge is for you!  

Get ready to change up your current skin condition with a new skincare routines that will transform your face in 30 days! This routine has been tried, tested and developed by me and the result is super Positive!

Cover of e-book: SFD 30 day Challenge 

What you will learn through this challenge:
  • How to stick to a routine that works for you.
  • The importance of face washing.
  • The power of double cleansing and deep cleansing.
  • How to properly cleanse your face to achieve great results.
  • What products to use and the process required.

What you will get with the guide:
  • A glossary list of the products you need and the purpose.
  • A day to day guide of the routine.
  • How and when to deep cleanse.
  • Education write-ups on the importance of the process
  • Community Forum to engage with all the #SFDfacechallenge community.
  • A chance to win awesome giveaways.

All this for FREE!

Download your guide to the SFD 30 day Challenge and get ready because this challenge will give you the best results possible in just 30 days! Are you ready to GLOW?! 

Let’s go!


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