About Me

Hi Beautiful, thanks for coming to my blog!

 I’m Mo, a true diva, full of life, a great personality… and a major Skincare JUNKIE!

I started Skin First Daily as a diary and creative outlet  to really get junkie with skincare products and share my finds, thoughts and reviews with you all. 

Everyone that knows me knows I love to GLOW!  I’m always down for spa treatments, body scrubs and facials. I shop everywhere for skincare products. I could go to Duane Reade or Korea town to buy a snack and end up leaving with a new face mask, body scrub and more.

Let's get a bit more personal:

  • I am 100% Nigerian and I don't like to admit this but, I am a short gal! 5'3 
  • I have never been a coffee girl just because people seem to get so addicted to it. I love TEA! I can drink tea in any weather. My favorite tea is Zinger Lemon tea. 
  • I have watched Grease over a thousand times. I still get excited when it comes on. I start singing along and doing the dance moves! LOVE that movie! 
  • I am a binge tv show watcher. I can spend the whole weekend buried in my couch watching House of Cards, Billions, Sex and the City,... just to name a few of my favorite shows.
  • I used to be so athletic. I was a very fast sprinter and ran track through out elementary and high school. I think thats why I am so competitive. I gave up track in college to live the american college dream, which I did! 
  • I am a summer girl. I love outdoor, summer heat, frozen margaritas and traveling to tropical places. 
  • I gain  lot of weight when I'm in love. Sad but very true. I'm trying to change that habit ASAP.
  • My Family is my #1 priority. When I'm with them I could careless about anything. I laugh the most with them! 
  • I don't watch scary movies or previews because I hate filling my mind with fear.
  • I google everything and anything. I google when Im'm bored, surfing the internet..all the time
  • I give great advise
  • I really want to visit the seven wonders of the world, but I need a travel buddy. Let me know if you are up for it! 

SO hope that was helpful in getting to know more about me… 
Welcome to my outlet of all things skincare! I hope to inspire, entertain and inform you! 

Enjoy the read and comment! Would love to hear your thoughts and experiences as well. 




  1. Saw your article on G+, very informative, thank you!

    1. Thanks hun! more to come in 2017! Stay tuned and subscribe! xx


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