Now On Repeat: Teni - Askamaya

Right now, This song is such a freaking JAM!!
If you are familiar with Nigerian music or love it (as you should, cos it just makes you moveee!) then I'm sure you are on the same wave as me right now.

Burning 1000+ Calories In One Gym Session

Hello there, Beautiful!
So of Late I have been on my fitness journey!
As of last week I weighed 170 -The most I have ever weighed in my whole entire life.
I know som people might say "relax its not that much" but when your body starts aching, you know its time to do something about it. My knees felt weak and also, I ran out of breath so easily.

CRYOTHERAPY: MY First Time Experience.

Thank God I chose to do this in the summer, being in a -260 degrees chamber for cryotherapy was FREEZING but the after effect felt amazing. Here's my experience.

Summer Lip Care | Like a PRO

Give me some Sugar, Sugar!
Yes, its summer time and the sexy pouts are out to play. Selfie anyone?!

Caring for your lips is important all year round, but in the summer, when its hot and humid, we tend to lick our lips more, which eventually cracks, peels and flakes our lips when it dries off.

My First Experience In An Infrared Sauna

Bun Baby Burn!

I love sweating. Partly because I 'm a summer baby and the other reason is because in my mind when I sweat, I feel like Im losing some kind of weight. (Its all mental). But to be real, sweating makes me feel good and does great things to my skin. I mean think of all the other activities that bring a lot of sweat, you feel amazing afterwards.

How To Use Sheet Masks Like a PRO

Here are the proper steps to use sheet masks like a pro.

How To Get Rid Of Body Acne - Tried & Tested

For someone who tries everything in the books to get rid of acne, I was alarmed when the acne reducing on my face, but started appearing on my chest and back. My face reacts to synthetic hair and the after math is always a blow-out of acne on my face. Little did I know that my back was also reacting to it, and all of a sudden it spread to my chest. SIGH