In-Flight Skincare Routine- Long Flight Edition

Hi Beautifuls,

I had to go away to South Africa for a good friend of mines wedding. The flight took me 17 hours in total. It was 15 hours to Johannesburg and 2 hours to Cape Town. I had such a blast even though I was there for JUST 3 days. I know it's insane, I clearly wasn't thinking straight when I booked my ticket. but its all good, I made sure I had the best time while celebrated one of my favorite girls' wedding.
Congrats Afolabz! 

34 hours in the air, both ways, in such a short period can be very dehydrating to my skin. Usually I have my in-flight skincare routine for a short duration flight, but this time I had to go a little bit harder and really focus on keeping my face hydrated the whole time.  I pretty much got my beauty essentials ready before the flight and used them during both flights, to go and to come back. The results were awesome, so I'm excited to share my Long Flight Edition of my In-flight Skincare Routine!

As always, I travel with no make up on, just a clean, deep cleansed, moisturized face. Half way into the flight, right after I wake up, I basically do a mini in-flight facial. (Make sure its all travel/sample size so you can take them on the plane.) Here is what I use: 

~ Face ~

- Cleanser - Soy Face cleanser from Fresh
You all know how much I swear by cleansing. You need to remove all dirt, bacteria, or oil that can be on your face, so the treatment can work effectively.

- Mask - Charcoal Pore Minimizing Hydrogel Mask by Boscia
This allows your pores to be closed tight so dirt and oil wouldn't get trapped inside to form acne causing bacteria.

- Serum - Ultra Repair Hydrating Serum by First Aid Beauty 
I really like how this serum feels on my skin. It revives it and makes it look healthier.

- Moisturizer - Ultra repair moisturizing cream 
On the plane I like to focus on hydration. This Moisturizer helps with locking in moisture in the skin allowing the skin to stay hydrated for a longer period. 

- Sunscreen - Sublime defense by Algenist
Sunscreen is always a must. Because I was so high up, and I had a window seat, there was definitely contact with the sun, so I had to have it protected at all times. 

~ Hands &  Feet ~

- Moisturizer - Aquaphor Healing Ointment 
This is the best moisturizer for hands and feet in the air. It moisturized the skin, healing it from cracks and dryness. I rub it on my hands every few hours and on my feet  before wearing the socks provided but the airline. My feet came out soft and well hydrated by the time I landed.

~ Lips ~

- Lip Moisturizer - Blistex Daily Lip Conditioner
If you go on a long flight without a lip conditioner, girllll your lips get so cracked and  chapped and that is not sexy at all. Through out the flight, once my lips start to feel dry, I reapply the lip conditioner, so my lips are hydrated and soft through out the flight. 

And that is all folks! When I got to my destination, my skin was glowing, I had no pimples and I was able to have healthy looking skin for the wedding, which you can see from the pictures... I was GLOWING!! 
I am all about the glow! So, I always try to do things to make my skin reach its maximum glow! Like I always say, Glowing Skin brings Confidence! So lets keep working on getting the perfect glow. 

Thanks for reading this and hope to see you on the next post. Don't forget to download my Free ebook on how to clear your skin and get flawless, glowing skin in a 30 day challenge. 

See you in the next post.
 (Missing Cape Town Already!)



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