Synthetic hair Almost Ruined My Skincare Blogger Life!

Hi beautifulz,

Happy New Year! Hope it has been great so far!

So I want to tell you about my horrible experience with synthetic hair (weave) and how I ended up with a major breakout of acne and irritation all over my forehead and anywhere the hair touched on my face. 

Here's my face before the incident:
No pimple in site
I travelled to London on vacation in November and wanted my hair to be straight cos usually z wear body wave or curly hair (human hair usually). So, I decided to purchase a wig from the beauty supply store close to my house. When i tried it on... ohh mennn i was feeeling it! It looked clean, it was soft, looked just like human hair but nope it was a synthetic lace front wig. I figured it would last me two weeks to a month before it gets bad, so ill rock it in london on vacation. Fresh frace, glowing skin, new hair... i was all set for my trip! 

feeling myself
Fast forward to London... Mennn was I looking good! (If i do say so myself lol) I rocked it, loved it and got a few whistles and hollas from the London boys! Ohh yea!  A few days into rocking this wig; daytime, nighttime, everytime.... i realized my forehead on the sides started itching. Then all of a sudden i start breaking out. 


 was wondering if it was my my diet or if it was the pillowcase, because it was like an over night development. Before my one week vaca was up, my forehead was an acne battle field. So many eruptions and it was mainly because on the two sides of my forhead. It was painful, itchy and just uncomfortable. I didn't bring my acne relief drying lotion on vacation because my face was super glowing when i left nyc. I just had more hydrating and brightening products. So the whole time im using make up to cover it and started counting down the day to home. It got worse. At this time I didn't even think it could be the hair.

Fast forward to NYC...  A week later, I was home but by this time, it had spread, started turning dark like reaaaaly dark. I was soooo sad. It wasnt like just acne ,  it looked like i was reacting to something. It was a mixture of rashes and pimp. Omg! Imagine a skincare addict with bad skin... or even a skincare blogger with bad skin? *I started crying!!

Someone PLS call Olivia Pope to fix this! 

I knew I had to sort out my face quickly before it gets any worse. 

Out of nervousness, I'm googling quick fixes, buying new products, throwing everything and anything on my face. But nothing seemed to be working! 

So instead of giving up. I decided to stop and take a few deep breathes. And said to myself "Lets get to the bottom of this, first find out why I was breaking out." I then realized that after I ditched the hair, when I got back to NYC, It stopped dramatically, I mean I would still have irruptions here and there, but it wasn't as much as before and the itching stopped. Once I figured that out I'm like..."well you know the secret to clearing your skin, you know the steps required. This isn't going to go overnight, so stop panicking and start doing."

Do your best and leave the rest to God! 

So I went to get a extraction Facial, to start from the basics, unclog all the pores that were filled and just start with a clean face.  I then started my 30 day challenge to clearer skin. Instead of the lightening treatment, I was using acne-control treatment and by the 7th day, all the acne had gone, all thats left was the scaring and the really dark marks. 

I am still doing the challenge and will give an update in the coming month, but my face is starting to look much better. No bumps just the dark marks. I plan to start using the lightening treatment, exfoliate and do frequent deep cleansing to get rid of the dark marks. 

The lesson i learned from all this is... First, Don't panic! Get on a routine you feel will give you good results and stick to it. Also don't feel defeated by the mishap but challenge yourself. Also patience,  patience, patience - It takes time but the hard work and dedication would blossom at the end. And last but not the least.... Never wear synthetic hair again! :( 

Heres the before and after;  

Before synthetic hair as of Oct 31, 2017
After synthetic hair as of Jan , 2017
There has definitely been a great improvement in my skin in the past month and I look forward to seeing more progress in the next coming weeks/ months. 

By the way, Now that I am calmer, I am looking at all this from a positive angle; a new challenge for more content on the blog! Rght?! More acne solutions to try, more content for the blog. I have good blogs and articles for you planned for 2017 and some awesome collaborations & giveaways. Subscribe now (Enter your email at the top: where it says subscribe!) so you don't miss any of it.

So I was wondering, if its just me or if it happens to others. Have you ever broken out or had a reaction from wearing synthetic wigs? 

Let me know in the comment box below.

Till Next time...
Peace, love & GLOW! 



  1. Wow! Thats crazy! You handled it well oh. I would have been so depressed. Acne is of the devil. Joining the challenge, excited to see results xoxo

    1. lol! Trust me I went through my depressed moments but had to turn on that positive vibe and start looking for solutions! I am hopeful I will get rid of the dark spots soon, since now all the acne sis gone! YAY for the challenge. you would love it! Let me know how it goes or if you have any questions!

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  3. Nice to see the result you got. Sure I’m going to suggest these tips for those who are suffering from this pimple.

  4. WOW! WOW! WOW! THANK YOU for making this post! I'm a vegan, I was eating right, drinking my water, getting enough sleep, washing with natural products, doing everything. BUT all of a sudden, my face broke out, and it's NEVER been this bad.. I was wondering what in the world was going on... UNTIL today. I realized, for the past month, I've been wearing a curly-haired wig and it hasn't been washed for a month! All the dirt, bacteria was rubbing up against my face and making it itchy! THIS ENTIRE TIME IT WAS THE HAIR! wow. I'm so happy my skin will drastically improve.. THANK YOU for making this blog post! xxx

    1. Yes girl! you are so right! all the accumulated bacteria, rubbing against our face, especially synthetic hair. I am positive you will see improvement. Just make sure you are also treating the acne with the appropriate products to help clear your face. Let me know how it goes. GOOD LUCk!!

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