Glow Recipe: Black Beans Chili noodles with Veggie Curry

Since turning vegan, I have had to change my mindset on food. From someone who barely ate vegetables to trying out all this different alternatives. I am very picky with my food, but being vegan has really humbled me. Being vegan definitely brings a nice skin glow. My skin is doing so much better now. barely see any break outs.. so cheers to being vegan.

So, to jump right into it  todays recipe is Black Beans Chili Noodles with Veggie Curry.

Prep time 10
Cook time 20
Portion 3 

– 2 tins of coconut milk
– Thai curry paste
– baby carrot
– 1 Red bell pepper, sliced in thin short strips
– Frozen broccoli
– Frozen Kale
– Frozen Spinach
– Noodles you can also use brown rice or wheat pasta
– Cilantro
– dried chili / grounded pepper 
– Chill oil with Back Beans

1. Pour the coconut milk into a pot and let it boil on middle-high heat. Once its hot, add the curry paste and stir it till it dissolves. Let it boil for a few more minutes, then add the carrots. 

In a different pot, for the vegetables (Broccoli, kale, spinach and bell pepper) into a dry pot and simmer until its cooked.

Once cooked, pour it into the coconut milk and let it boil for a few more minutes. Add cilantro, dried chili or grounded pepper for preferred taste. 

2. Meanwhile, cook the noodles according to the package instructions. Once its a little soft, transfer to a colander and rinse with cold water. Drain well. Get a wok and add a little bit of oil, preferably coconut oil, once hot add the noodles inside, let it fry a little under low heat and then add the chills oil with black beans source. you only need about 2-3 table spoons. Once added and mixed together and voila you meal is done. 

To Serve
In a bowl, add veggie curry  and then place the noodle on top on a side.

GLOW Food is Served! 

Please let me know how it turned out for you! Leave a comment below and share a picture on Instagram with #skinfirstdaily Enjoy!


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