Who Knew Chopping All My Hair Off Would Be So Liberating!

Do you know how ballzy it is to come home after work one day, grab your roommate and tell her, “I want you to cut off all my hair right now!” Yes that was what I did. I remember just being so frustrated with my hair. My hair was all types of lengths, I had cut it in so many styles that now it was just a hot mess. Had a lot going through my mind, borderline stressed and I remember washing my hair and it was so tangled that my scalp hurt so bad. 

My roommate thought it was a joke, because I made us watch numerous youtube videos on how to cut it all off and told her…. "Chop chop! Lets do it!" She looked at me crazy, grabbed the scissors and started cutting it all off.

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would cut off my hair, I mean girls were suppose to have long, smooth, straight hair right? I didn’t realize that cutting my hair was going to be so liberating. As it fell, I felt free, It felt like I was letting go off a big fat elephant on my shoulder. When we were done, I felt lighter, and despite the running thoughts, such as wtf did I just do?!… I felt like a brand new version of myself.

Usually when a woman says she’s cutting her hair we think she’s going through some kind of life happenings or is trying to be different or doing the big chop to go from relaxed to natural. But for me, it wasn’t the case, all I wanted was a refresher so my hair could grow longer and more even. I was never a supporter of the whole natural hair movement, I could careless about having natural hair before.

But all that changed because for the first time, I could see my beauty and my flaws at the same damn time. I have lipoma, got it 
from an accident trauma and it gave me a big ol' bump on my head. Can't hide it with my hair anymore, cos I ain't got none. 

But even with the lump, I felt I looked good. I didn’t even care if people stared at it, my insecurities didn’t matter anymore and I had found this new confidence that came with this new hair cut. Could my hair cut be the reason for this? how did my mindset and state of mind change just from cutting up all my hair? I guess knowing that I didn’t have to deal with the pain of combing through it or even eliminating what was making me sad and angry (the tangling and constant hair change, feeling like I'm changing identities) made me feel better and boosted my confidence.I was 100% me! And as my hair grew back in its true, thick and natural form, I started to see why most black women who wear their natural hair have the confidence and the walk of a brave woman. Being me Rocks! and the more I accepted who I was at my truest form the more confident and special I felt to myself. I'm unstoppable and I freaking rock. So my moral lesson is: Be you always, because you rock the best when you are you!
Love the look! 
The best part of the big chop was actually taking a shower - didn't have to worry about shower caps and the water just ran through my fingers rubbed my head... ohhhh gone are those days but I loved every minute of my hair cut! 

Have you ever done a big chop? How did you feel afterwards?
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  1. ou look AMAZING with it boo ����������love love it

  2. OMG woman! You look amazing!

  3. love the post and that hairstyle suits you so well ��❤