Getting Softer Hands

So... My hands... sigh... 

Regardless of the weather, my hands used to always be DRY! Like dry as in super ashy after a wash and they are just hard from genetics. My dads hands are super hard, and I got that from him...sigh.

So growing up, I always got called out for how "rough" my hands were and as I got older, I started to look for ways to soften them and finally, I got a hand pampering routine that works and just makes my hands softer, bearable, smoother and of cos moisturized! 

I was in the Short Hills mall in NJ, when I walked past Lush, the store filled with bright colors and cool shaped soaps. After walking around smelling, sniffing, playing with textures of their soaps, I stumbled upon the product that would change my hands, both look and texture, the Lush Salted Coconut Hand Scrub. My initial though was OMG buying a scrub just for my hands, thats crazy! Might as well buy a body scrub and use it on my hands. Well, that was crossed out after a lush attendant came by and gave me the low down on why this is specifically for hands. You can imagine, I had never used a hands only scrub before, so I was intrigued with what I was hearing. The combination of the sea salt, combined with cupuacu butter, coconut and argan oil meant extra smooth and extra soft, I was sold! 

To Use: Before bed

I take a scoop with two fingers  and massage it into my dry hands, scrubbing off the dead skin and flakes. The texture is not oily, just very gritty. After about a minute, I let it sit for 10 seconds and rinse off with warm water, then pat dry with a clean towel. Immediately my hands feels like a babies butt... Super soft, super smooth, and it looks hydrated.

Afterwards, while my skin is still damp, I use my sample size hand lotion also from lush (I finished by bucket already and just got a sample size that would last me 2 weeks ;) (free is always good!) called Hand Gurugu.

So... This product goes by fast because I wash my hands often and carry it with me... Big tub, but very much needed. This thick, rich, ultra-nourishing hand cream is so soothing and hydrating, it works perfectly with the hand scrub. It has organic shea, almond and pumpkin butters with soothing essential oils that really hydrates, moisturizes and softens dry hands. I apply the size in the picture above and massage it into my fingers, especially between the fingers, knuckles and my palms. A little goes a long way and its last all night long. In the morning, my hands feel so soft and there's no room for ash or crust. lol. I personally think the smell isn't too strong, which is fine with me.

I love this convo because my hands look so healthy - Picture Above. The best time to do this combo is right before bed, so all night long it has time to really penetrate and work its magic. God has given us two hands, one to receive with and the other to give with, The most we can do is treat it right and let others feel the softness of our HANDS! 

Have you tried these Lush products? Any thought? ...let me know. 

Peace, love & GLOW! 



  1. Willing to give this a try! I've been slowly working my way back to the gym and have incorporated weights into my routine. Silly me haven't bought any workout gloves yet so the dumbbells are making my hands rough & callous. This will definitely help counteract that! Have you tried this product as a body scrub or primarily use it for your hands?

    1. YES GURL! You need to get the gloves, so you don't get blisters. those are the worst to get rid of. I haven't tried it as a body scrub as you can imagine it comes in a small bowl. But according to lush it is primarily made for hands. This will help soften and moisturize are hands!

      Thanks for the comment! xx