Mask Monday - 005

Now thats a mouthful! 
So a few weeks back, my sister and I, on our way to church - Hillsong NYC, we bumped into the Nature Republic store on 14th street. We love Korean face masks so we stopped by to see what they had to offer. Ohh yea, we left with a few face masks, free samples and of cos this collagen filled lip patch. I picked up one right by the counter, figured my lips get dry often, lets see what this patch could do, plus you can never go wrong with COLLAGEN! Picked one up, tried it....and here is my review with some cool pics. 

What it is: Aqua Collagen Solution Marine Hydrogel Lip patch... aka "Hydrogel lip Patch" from Nature Republic is a cooling and hydrating mask for the lips that regenerates elasticity and restores the skins health in the lip area. It contains Collagen which is 'every girls best friend'.

Main ingredients:
Niacinamide - Brightens lips and makes it more elastic
Agar: Provides rich hydration from the rich gel texture
Collagen (1,000 ppm), Grapefruit extract, Betaine, Chlorella extract.


What it claims: It claims to provides moisture and volume to lips 

Texture: The lip patch is rubbery in texture, and has a gel substance all over it. (Make sure your hands are clean before you apply)

How to use it: After cleansing your face and applying your toner, remove the lip patch from the film, starting with the round upper lip so it doesn't rip. Apply it over the lips and let it sit there for 15 - 20 minutes. Once you remove it, don't wipe off, let the remainder of the gel absorb into the lips. 

Purchased at: Nature Republic on 14th street, NYC

Result: At first after removing the patch, I thought what a waste of money, didn't notice much besides clean lips. After I woke up in the morning... I couldn't stop touching my lips. My lips feel amazing! it has a cool,refreshing feel, very smooth and well moisturized. Normally I have dry lips, and have to constantly put on lip balms. But the whole day today, I haven't even applied balm on my lips and it is still so hydrated. 

When to use it: I used this right before bed. For the price, I think it is worth doing this once a week. 

Touch &Feel of my Skin Afterwards: My lips have a cool plump look and feels super soft. I might just give free kisses out to everyone! lol

Pic taken the next day in my car

Hope you enjoyed the read.

Would you like to try the  Aqua Collagen Solution Marine Hydrogel Lip patch if I did a giveaway? Let me know.

Peace, love & GLOW! 


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